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You Need To Read Destiny 2 Clovis Bray Journal, Transcribed From The ‘Beyond Light’ Collector’s Edition

Destiny 2
Destiny 2

So you like Destiny 2 legend, huh? All things considered, what about 11,000 expressions of it?

In the event that you requested the Destiny 2 Collector’s Edition, something that accompanied it is a duplicate of Clovis Bray’s lost diary. In it, there are riddles and codes that have brought about tokens or starting at yet obscure prizes, yet there are likewise words. A ton of them.

I don’t have a version myself, the same number of you don’t, I’m speculating, however, I was gone on to this Google archive where some saint (if this was you, told me) translated the whole thing so we would all be able to peruse it in spite of not really possessing the diary.


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I just spent a drawn-out period of time perusing the whole thing, told from the point of view of Clovis Bray, the first originator of the organization of a similar name that has been an apparatus of Destiny 2 for quite a while. He’s the granddad of Ana Bray and as this diary affirms, Elsie Bray, who is indeed the Exo Stranger, a focal figure in the coming extension.

I suggest you read the diary for yourself, however I will give a concise summary of what occurs, and what that could mean for the extension. Potential spoilers follow.

So, Clovis Bray is going to Europa looking for the way to eternality. He alludes to this as “Lucidity,” which is by all accounts a substitute for a type of dim issue like, unexplainable substance, and it’s something the Darkness employs.

Clovis Bray is in direct correspondence with the Darkness through I accept a relic, which I believe is the shard we continue finding in all the special materials, however I could not be right. The Darkness is successfully teaching him in different manners with a primary venture being to request that him manufacture an entryway. To do this, he organizes an assault on the Ishtar Collective to take a Vex example who manufactures the entryway for him.

He and a portion of his group travel through and are shipped to an altogether new star framework, one billions of years old where machines are keeping a blue monster star alive, refueling it. I’m not satisfactory on if this is the “Pyramid home framework” or something different.

We discover that Clovis Bray’s child kicked the bucket of some hereditary illness and Bray neglected to move his brain into a working “nobody” as the tech wasn’t there yet. Yet, presently his granddaughter, Elsie, has a similar degenerative condition and consents to come to Europa to assist him with his work, however, she says it’s to control his most exceedingly terrible driving forces.

Whinny accepts he has discovered the key to making exobodies, consolidating Vex milk with Clarity, however early endeavors do… not work out in a good way. Here’s a passage about an early guinea pig:

“He quit outlining new memories, which got him in an eight-second hover of free for all. After I continued his engine capacities, I watched him fill each page of a journal with the words I HAVE JUST DIED, I AM TRAPPED IN THE CORPSE; NOW I AM CERTAIN I AM DEAD; DEATH HAS TAKEN ME COMPLETELY; I HAVE JUST FINISHED DYING.”

The diary closes before where you figure it may, as Elsie doesn’t turn into an exo herself yet. There are pages torn out and it appears to be likely that these are things we may find in the game once it’s live.

A couple of things to note About here:

This is basically saying that Exos are a blend of Vex innovation/science, Clarity, directly from the Darkness, and a human brain. That’s… somewhat wild, and it could play into the hypothesis that the Vex are Exos from the inaccessible future.

I truly need to find out about the framework the door took Clovis Bray through, and what he was intended to see there, and what development was grinding away filling that star. What’s more, for what reason did the Darkness need him to manufacture that door in any case? I swear I saw a type of early Destiny 2 idea craftsmanship flowing as of late that discussed a strike on Europa (a planet which has been conceptualized in Destiny 2 for quite a long time) being known as the “Burial place of the Dead Star” which is actually what they observer in this passage.

Clovis Bray appears to be an egomaniacal beast, and I am beginning to become tied up with the hypothesis that Bray himself could wind up being the assault manager of the Deep Stone Crypt in some kind of overly godlike Exo structure that he, at last, made, however, this diary doesn’t detail that explicitly. It would bode well then the state, Aramis being the attack chief, as it appears to be more probable we’d battle/execute her like Ghaul in the Red War story crusade. At that point, the Deep Stone Crypt assault would be something different. I keep thinking about whether we experience the door and the strike/manager fight happens in that other star framework. Henceforth, the Tomb of the Dead Star. Goodness man.

Update: So, we’ve just observed a Vex entryway in a trailer that resembles it’s encompassing by Bray tech: