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Worker’s Compensation Lawyer in Perth


If you’ve suffered an injury or become sick at work, you could be entitled to compensation. To make the settlement process less stressful and to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve, you’ll want to engage the best workers compensation lawyer in Perth. Having an expert worker’s compensation lawyer in your corner is key to maximising the payout from your claim to ensure that your medical expenses, rehabilitation costs and losses are all adequately covered.

Am I Entitled to Worker’s Compensation?

If you are injured or develop an illness at work, you may be entitled to worker’s compensation. You do not have to prove that another person was at fault in order to claim. If you are unable to perform any of your regular work tasks as a result of this injury or illness and your employee cannot give you alternative work, you will be entitled to weekly payments of worker’s compensation. 


Your medical expenses and any rehabilitation expenses will also be paid for, while any serious injuries may result in a lump sum payout after negotiation by your worker’s compensation lawyer. Your Perth compensation lawyer will also advise you on any further compensation that you may be entitled to at the start of your claim process. 

How Does Worker’s Compensation Work?

Worker’s compensation provides financial support if you become sick through work or suffer an injury at work. The payments cover minor injuries up to permanent injuries and death. It is compulsory for most businesses in Australia to pay for worker’s compensation insurance to cover their employees, however, there are some exceptions. 

As each state and territory has its own worker’s compensation scheme with varying levels of entitlement, coverage and eligibility, it is essential that you seek advice from a worker’s compensation lawyer based in Perth to ensure that you maximise your compensation. 

To find out more in-depth information about \\worker’s compensation, check out the official worker’s compensation page from the Australian Institute for Health and Welfare.

How Long Does a Worker’s Compensation Settlement Take?

A worker’s compensation settlement claim typically takes between 12-24 months for the entire process from start to finish. 

12-14 Months

If you do not have a permanent disability, do not negotiate and do not hire a compensation lawyer then your settlement will normally take around 12-14 months.

17-18 Months 

With a lawyer on your side, expect the worker’s compensation settlement process to take a little longer at around 17-18 months.

20-24 Months 

If your lawyer believes your offer is too low, you may decide to negotiate for a higher level of compensation than the initial offer. This can take the entire process, from filing your claim to receiving your payout, up to a total of 20-24 months 

As the initial offer is seldom sufficient to compensate you for your pain, damages and injuries, we recommend consulting a worker’s compensation lawyer in Perth to ensure that you receive adequate compensation. 

Do I Need a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer to Make a Claim?

While you can settle your worker’s compensation claim without the assistance of a lawyer, it is not recommended. The laws on worker’s compensation can vary from one area to another, plus taking which can make understanding your rights and entitlements even more complex. 

After, hopefully, fully recovering from a traumatic accident, do you really want to spend your time revising legal jargon while taking on the insurance company’s experienced lawyers? By engaging a worker’s compensation lawyer in Perth you can be certain that you will relieve the compensation that you deserve, without having to worry about the legal complexities of your settlement.

As soon as you have sought medical attention for your injuries, it is recommended that you book a consultation with an expert worker’s compensation lawyer in Perth who will be able to guide you through the process of lodging a worker’s compensation claim through your state work cover authority. Engaging an expert is the best way to maximise your compensation claim. 

3 Tips on Finding the Best Worker’s Compensation Lawyer In Perth

There is no shortage of adverts for worker’s compensation lawyers in Perth. But how do you go about choosing the best one for your case? Here’s our advice to choosing Perth’s finest worker’s compensation lawyer and maximising your payout.

#1 – Don’t Rush

Yes, time is ticking and we are not talking about delaying your settlement claim. Rather, don’t rush into your choice of worker’s compensation lawyer, simply picking the nearest or the one with the most aggressive marketing techniques. Instead, set aside a couple of hours and research potential candidates. 

#2 – Check Their Experience

Not all compensation claims are the same. If you are claiming purely for worker’s compensation, make sure that the lawyer who will be handling your case is a worker’s compensation expert. Some lawyers specialise in different types of compensation cases such as personal injury compensation or negligence. Make sure that your lawyer is first and foremost a worker’s compensation specialist with the experience necessary to get your claim paid out. 

#3 – Compensation Law Accreditation

To ensure you get the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve, look out for compensation law accredited lawyers in Perth. These specialists are at the top of their game having been assessed and passed a peer-assessed interview. 


When you’re recovering from a work-related injury, you need a reliable worker’s compensation lawyer that you can count on to get you the compensation that you deserve. At Trewin Norman and Co, our legal staff are highly experienced in representing workers applying for dispute resolution through the WorkCover WA conciliation and arbitration service. 

We are here to help – if you are unsure about your entitlement please get in touch. Your first consultation is free, whether or not you decide to proceed. What’s more, we do not charge legal fees upfront, they only become payable upon the successful resolution of your claim. Give our friendly team a call and get your worker’s compensation settlement claim started today.