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Why is Bingo Not Entirely a Game of Chance?

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Bingo is a fun activity to pass the time and stay engaged. It used to be the go-to activity for social gatherings and charity events. Traditional bingo games were primarily played in bingo halls. But the pandemic forcefully closed down several bingo halls. Therefore, more and more people shifted to the online platform to get their daily dose of the bingo game

The websites and apps are doing their best to offer in-person experiences to gamers. Players can select from several varieties, including 75 ball, 80 ball, 90 ball, and 30 ball versions. New variants are coming up now and then, such as Slingo and themed bingo games. Furthermore, online match sessions are multiplayer games that can be played in the 1V1 format or the 1VN format. There are multiplayer tournaments where players can participate in competing for cash prizes. 


There’s not much difference between the rules in the online and offline versions. Players are provided virtual tickets with numbers. The numbers appear on the screen, and players need to daub the number on their virtual cards. There’s a daub timer, and the numbers must be scratched before the timer runs out. Moreover, if players can instantly daub the numbers, they will get bonus points. All the players compete to be the first ones to complete a specific pattern to win the game. 

Now, bingo is assumed to be a game entirely based on chance or luck. It isn’t quite accurate, and you need to continue reading to understand why there’s a good balance between luck and skill in bingo games. 

Why is Bingo Thought of as a Game of Chance or Luck?

Most people view bingo as a game of chance or luck because players place their bets on their cards. You can even select your cards in some games before putting in your money. The chances of winning your money back are increased when you purchase more than one card. That’s why most players tend to buy many bingo cards to improve their winning chances. But if you are a novice player, you are advised against such tactics. You might confuse your mind if you have too many cards to juggle. 

Many players select the cards according to their birthdays or social security numbers. They believe that choosing a car with their lucky numbers will fetch them success. Some players even hold on to their charms or lucky items when playing the game to increase their chances of winning. 

Moreover, the numbers drawn by the moderator or host are entirely unpredictable. Even if you are playing the game online, there’s no way to know which numbers will appear on your screen. All you can do is pray and hope that your card or ticket numbers are the numbers on your screen. In this sense, bingo is a game of chance. A bit of luck might factor in when the numbers are shuffled and called out by the host or appear on your mobile screen. You have no control over this. 

However, the game isn’t entirely based on luck, and you will find out why below. 

Why is Bingo Not Entirely a Game of Chance but Requires Skills?

In many ways, bingo is a game of skill. Players need to possess skills to win the game, such as remembering the numbers that appeared on the screen and being able to daub the numbers on their cards quickly. When playing traditional bingo, players need to have a keen sense of hearing to hear the numbers called by the host. If you miss a call, you’ll lose the game.

Players must concentrate and put all of their attention on their cards. They need to eliminate all forms of distractions when playing bingo. Also, a few strategies can be implemented to improve one’s winning chances. Some of those tactics are:

  • It is advised that players participate in tournaments or play online bingo games when fewer players are available. The bounty or cash prize is not affected by the number of players. Therefore, you need to find out odd times when you can partake in contests so that the number of players is less and your chances of winning the game are higher. 
  • It is essential to play a few practice games to get good at daubing. Players need to instantly daub the numbers to win bonus points and rise to the leaderboard. 
  • It is critical not to chase losses, and one must have a budget for the game. If you are losing more than winning, you need to stop and take a break. Come back later. 
  • You can implement different theories like Tippett and Granville’s theories. These theories help bingo players accentuate their winning chances. 

Besides these, players need to know the game’s rules. You cannot play the game without knowing the rules. Therefore, it is not a game that is entirely left to chance or luck. It would be best if you had strategies and tactics to make the best use of the opportunities. That’s the only way to win the game. 

The Bottom Line 

Bingo is not a game that is based entirely on luck. Some elements of the game might show you that luck plays a critical role in winning the game, but there are other aspects where your skills are required. So, install the game and start playing.