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Daisy Drew: Who is Daisy Drew? Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Height

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Daisy Drew: Who is Daisy Drew? Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Height

Known as Daisy Drew, this YouTube personality is 21 years old. She is from Glasgow, Scotland, and is the owner of the YouTube channel Itsmedaisydrew. Her goal in creating content for the adult platform was to help her parents afford their mortgage. She has earned over a million dollars a year through OnlyFans. This enables her to fund her education and travel to new places.

Daisy Drew is a 21-year-old Scottish blogger who makes money through her Instagram account. She spent a year interning at the Young Professionals in Glasgow and has 192k followers. She has posted videos and photos on other social media, including Snapchat and Twitter. She has also been featured on YouTube, TikTok, and OnlyFans. The model has received millions of likes and follows on her Instagram page.


Daisy Drew has been tagged in numerous posts, from a photo of her bum in lacy underwear to her profile picture. She is also a fan of Twitter and has an account on the site. Whether you are a fan of her posts or not, you can find them all on Instagram. This makes following her an effortless process, and you can see the latest posts, images, and videos.

Daisy Drew is an Onlyfans model and Instagram influencer. She along with their twin brother Sean Austin shoot each other’s adorable content to sell it on OnlyFans. The duo of brothers and sisters earns millions of dollars through the site to help their proud parents. They even took care of their parents’ mortgages by earning their money and are currently living in luxury homes located in London, England. In The New York Post, Sean aged 29 stated: “When I decided to start OnlyFans, the success I had was amazing and overwhelming, I felt so fortunate but at the same time it can feel like a lot of people don’t understand.” He also urged his daughter to join and turn this into a primary source of revenue. In a conversation with Daisy Drew, she said: “My dad is very proud of me, and he’s enthusiastic about what I’m doing. He’s an average Glaswegian man. He is a fan of sports and is considered a guy, so it’s not surprising that you’d be ashamed of him, but it was quite the opposite when I explained to him about OnlyFans. It’s important to know that my brother and I are secure and content and that’s what our parents are concerned about – and that’s all parents should take care of.” The duo of brother and sister has made more than $2M selling their sexy video content.

Who is Daisy Drew?

NameDaisy Drew
AgeAged 22
Birth PlaceGlasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Net Worth$800K to $1 Million USD
Height5 feet 6 inches tall

Daisy Drew is an Onlyfans model as well as an Instagram influencer. Her Instagram has 192k followers, and 29 posts as of the date of this article’s writing. As the Onlyfans Model, she made money selling her gorgeous posts on Onlyfans as well as through other social media platforms. Prior to joining Onlyfans, she worked at Young Professionals as an Internship. She went to Kelvinside Academy. In addition to being an Instagram celebrity, she has also been featured on other platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube, Tiktok, and OnlyFans. Sean, her brother Sean is the photographer for her she said “When one has been working in this business for long enough, there’s nothing embarrassing more. It’s much easier since Sean has a gay personality, and so it’s not embarrassing wearing my underwear or showing off my breasts. I’m not uneasy at all. Sean is a true perfectionist, and so honest with me. Sometimes I’ll share content with him and he’ll let me know that it’s not good. He is a constant reminder and is honest with me I have more faith in him than the majority of people, so is the ideal person to share photos and share it with.” Sean continued: “When Daisy began her OnlyFans page and then became successful, I was extremely grateful that I did not only have someone to share this experience with, but also my sister too.” And he added, “It’s been so great that we’re able to fully take care of our family and it’s made us feel closer.”

According to her description on Onlyfans, she the description reads “Hey I’m Daisy! Thank you for visiting and taking a look at all my secretly slutty posts here. Here you will discover my most exclusive and slutty content you can’t discover anywhere else. I update daily, including G/G and B/G content, solo videos with or without toys, Shower videos and all else in between. Subscribers who renew and are good tippers will get random nudes and videos frequently via text messages. I enjoy talking with everyone here and hope to answer every single one of you!.”

How old is Daisy Drew?

Daisy Drew was born in 1999 in Glasgow, Scotland, the United Kingdom She is now age 22. Concerning her parents, we don’t have any details about the couple. We will be sure to keep you informed in the near future. There is a brother named Sean Austin who’s is also an Onlyfans model and gay. Daisy declares “It’s been so great that we can both fully look after our family, and it’s really brought us all a lot closer.” She also said “The the first time that I participated in live streams, Livestream I shared with people that my brother’s OnlyFans page. At the time, I wasn’t aware of the irony of us doing this. I’ve had bisexual friends who want to know the name of his account. Someone has actually messaged me to say I resembled Sean before I’d even mentioned him as my brother.”

Who is Daisy Drew Boyfriend?

In contrast to other famous people, Daisy Drew kept her relationship status the privacy of her fans. We do not know if she’s currently in a relationship or single. We will update you once we hear any details about her relationship status. As of now, keep an eye on us to get more details coming soon.

What is Daisy Drew Net Worth?

Daisy Drew’s Net worth is estimated to be between $800K and $1 Million. Daisy Drew is between $800K to $1 million USD.