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What is the purpose of building an aircraft hangar?

What is the purpose of building an aircraft hangar

Aircraft are arguably one of the essential assets that a business could own. A single airplane can cost upwards of a million dollars, and there are various other maintenance components you need to store. 

This is why airline companies prefer to build specialized hangars to park the aircraft when not in use. 


You can think of a hangar as a garage for the aircraft where maintenance tools, components, replacement parts, and other such things can also be stored. Commonly there are two types of hangars; fabric and steel. 

Fabric hangars are made for a temporary basis wherein a PVC frame is built, and the fabric is used to cover the frame and provide shelter. These hangars are not weather resistant and will not stand the test of harsh weather conditions. 

On the other hand, a steel-made aircraft hangar is more durable and a permanent structure that protects the assets from weather conditions. 

Companies can use prefabricated steel kites to build a steel hangar in a fraction of time to save costs and increase efficiency. 

What is the purpose of building an aircraft hangar?

  1. Regulatory compliance

Various authorities worldwide have mandated that hangars be used for storing aircraft. As per regulations, a hangar can also store other items for the asset. You can store different components and maintenance equipment all in one place. 

Some hangars even come equipped with a small space for the accommodation of one pilot or a maintenance crew. 

  1. Protection from atmospheric elements

Atmospheric elements such as rain and air’s moisture can lead to aircraft corrosion. 

The corrosion depends on how well the airplane is maintained and its storage location. For instance, aircraft parked in a coastal region are more prone to corrosion than the ones parked inland. 

This is why people do not even prefer to buy airplanes from coastal regions, and these assets sell for a lesser price. 

A temperature-controlled hangar can eliminate humidity and moisture from the air providing a better environment to store the aircraft. 

You will not have to worry about corrosion with steel hangars, as they are the most weatherproof hangars one could build. 

  1. Protection from people with malicious intent

An airplane is an expensive asset, no matter how small it may be. You would not want anyone to steal it or cause any harm to your property. 

When you store it in a steel aircraft hangar, you can secure your property inside it. 

While thieves may not be able to steal the aircraft, they can still target the airplane’s propellers, fuel, or other components. 

  1. Reduce maintenance costs

When you park the airplane inside the well-built steel hangar, you can reduce its exposure to the sun’s UV rays which can cause tremendous wear and tear to the asset. 

In addition, your insurance premiums might be lower if you use a proper hangar for its storage since a hangar reduces the chances of damage to the aircraft while it is on the ground. 

So, if you want to build a hangar for your airplane, you must consider contacting a manufacturing company specializing in prefabricated steel kits. Opting for such material can erect the structure in less time and save money.