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What Is a Cuban Chain?

Cuban Chain

Even if you don’t know exactly what a Cuban chain is, you most likely have seen one before. The Cuban chain is one of the most popular and some of the most expensive chains out there in the fashion world. It made its way to the top starting in the 1970s with hip hop artists. Wearing this necklace showed status and confidence in music videos and walking around on the street. It emulated a certain power that quickly drew crowds’ attention. Artists like DJ Kool, Slick Rick, and Big Daddy Kane wore it back in the day. Some more recent artists that have rocked a Cuban chain are Jay-Z and DJ Khaled. Today, this chain is worn by people all over the world. People with different styles, different backgrounds, and different tastes sport this necklace with all kinds of outfits. It’s been the classic, go-to chain for some time now, and will continue to be one of the most iconic chains to wear. But what about it makes it so popular? There are a few reasons why the Cuban chain is so unique and the first choice of many.

It’s Versatile


The Cuban chain is a combination of oval links that are twisted in design and intersect in a rope pattern. Its design is easy to spot and can be worn with a variety of styles. Besides it being worn by top artists and legends, it also gained popularity because of its versatility. First off, the thickness of Cuban chains can vary. You can get a thinner Cuban chain such as a four-millimeter chain. Or you can go more bold and get a 12 millimeter chain. There are many different thicknesses for the Cuban chain that makes it easy to add to just about anything. You can get a thinner chain and keep a more classic yet simple look. Sport it with a basic tee or crew sweatshirt. Even wear a thinner Cuban chain with a t-shirt and button-down for a Saturday night look. If you are shooting for the spotlight, you can get a thicker Cuban chain that really draws attention. You don’t have to add anything to a large Cuban chain if you don’t want to. It can speak for itself. It can even vary the lengths of Cuban chains. If you are wearing a t-shirt or a shirt with just the top few buttons undone, you can get a short Cuban chain that compliments your neck and chest. If you are wearing a hoodie or a turtleneck, a longer Cuban chain might be beneficial to elongate the torso. This helps it from being too busy around the neckline. When wearing a winter coat zipped up, you can try a longer and thicker Cuban chain overtop during the winter months so you don’t have to hide your confident look.

It Works With Pendants

The Cuban chain is also a popular choice for showcasing pendants. Celebrities have worn Cuban chains by themselves but also to show off some of their best and more treasured pendants. One of the boldest looks with a Cuban chain is to have the thickest Cuban chain with a large pendant. Or even bolder would be to have a few layers of thicker Cuban chains and pendants. We have seen many celebrities rock this look, but it’s not the look for everyone. You can also get a thinner Cuban chain and wear it with one of your favorite pendants. Some popular pendants are:

  • A wolf pendant
  • A wing pendant
  • A crucifix pendant
  • An Africa pendant
  • A crown pendant

Regardless of what you choose, you don’t have to stick to one look. Getting a few Cuban chains that are different in length and thickness with a pendant can help bring variety to your style and keep it fresh.  This is what makes a Cuban chain unique and why it is a popular choice among many.

It Can Be Worn With Other Jewelry

Some people might wonder if Cuban chains can be worn with other pieces. Although Cuban chains can be their own statement piece, they can also be complemented by other pieces of jewelry. A popular choice to wear with a Cuban chain is to wear a Cuban bracelet. A matching set brings a whole new look of confidence and intentionality. Since Cuban chains have always given the look of luxury, status, and confidence, adding a bracelet only brings more to the table. It doesn’t stop with matching bracelets. You can also add a few men’s rings and even some earrings that can add to your iconic look. It’s hard to overpower the look of a Cuban chain. That is why adding a few other pieces can help amplify your favorite chain.

Is a Cuban Chain For You?

It’s possible you are wondering if you should get a Cuban chain. With the variety of Cuban chains, there is a style that works for everyone. You can get thinner or thicker chains, and you can even add a pendant. You can also combine it with other pieces of jewelry. Or, you can simply just rock the Cuban chain by itself. The Cuban chain can work for anyone who decides they want to incorporate it into their wardrobe.