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What Can You Use Angle Brackets for In-Home Improvements?

angle brackets
angle brackets

If you have ever been to a DIY store, you will know that angle brackets are available in a huge array of different thicknesses, sizes, and finishes. 

Angle brackets are probably the most versatile of all of the fixings that you can get, and so it is well worth keeping a few on hand if you are getting involved in any DIY or building projects.


There are more than a few home improvements that just would not be possible without the humble angle bracket.

Constructing timber framework

Angle brackets are ideal for use in timber construction. They allow you to join intersecting pieces of timber together completely securely so that no movement is allowed, which is difficult using any other method. This makes them perfect for building timber frames to support structures like garden sheds, chicken coops, and even large tents.

Timber frames are widely used by people building their own homes from scratch, as they are quick to construct and offer a great deal of flexibility. 


If you want to build a secure fence that can withstand high winds and other extreme weather conditions, then angle brackets are the fixtures for the job. 

Using angle brackets, you can securely fix your wooden fence to sunken concrete posts, ensuring that your fence stays upright.

If you are using angle brackets outside, be sure to choose ones with a weather-resistant finish to prevent them from becoming rusty and wearing away over time.


Adding shelving is a great way to make use of the vertical space in your home and provide you with much-needed extra storage. Shelves are also a wonderful way to prominently display any of your favorite decorative items and allow you to get creative with lighting.

When installing shelving, you must ensure the shelves are level and securely fixed to the wall. If you do not, you risk having items fall off the shelves or the shelves coming away from the wall altogether.

Be sure to choose an angle bracket that is thick and sturdy enough to hold the weight of the shelf and big enough to support the width and length of the shelf that you have chosen.

If you are putting up a few shelves, the cost of angle brackets can soon mount up, so it is worth shopping around. Tradefix Direct offers angle brackets at trade prices; visit the store to check out the range.

Making raised beds in the garden

If you fancy growing your own veggies and want to make sure that they are protected from slugs and other creepy crawlies, angle brackets can help.

If you use your angle brackets to fasten railway sleepers together, you can make yourself a raised bed that will give your garden a rustic appeal, as well as protecting your crop.

Raised beds are also a great way to manage weeds if you are growing flowers because it keeps them contained and means that they will not take over your garden.