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What are the career options for students of Associate of Arts (AA) degree in Canada 

What are the career options for students of Associate of Arts (AA) degree in Canada

The educational landscape is vast and often confusing for students who are keen to select a suitable path. An associate degree in Canada becomes an excellent option for those who are looking for a stepping stone that will give them crucial knowledge needed to progress further into a bachelor degree. 

The Associate of Arts degree covers various crucial subjects such as psychology, mathematics, history and more. Also, students who opt for this two-year undergraduate program have another added advantage of being able to transfer directly into a bachelor program at any of the degree-granting institution in British Columbia. 


Students who opt for an AA degree in Canada can also join the workforce as the program makes them applicable for an entry level job role. Many students who are not keen to opt for a specialization early into their career or do not want to commit to a bachelor program often choose associate of arts degree to become job ready. 

Some important job roles that you can choose with an Associate of Art degree are the following: 

Marketing Assistant 

Marketing is an important part of every business as it allows companies to promote their goods and services along with gaining exposure in the market. A marketing team plays a pivotal role in helping an organization meet its sales goal and a marketing assistant is an important part of that team. 

A marketing assistant is someone who helps out with marketing campaigns by collecting necessary information in the form of data from market research, audience feedback and more. They present this data in the form of charts and slides which is later used to make effective strategies. They also support marketing executives by guiding them and supervising all the ongoing projects. 

Administrative Assistant 

An administrative assistant plays a crucial role in an organization as they make sure that the staff works efficiently. On this job role, one is mainly required to handle operational functions to ensure smooth communication and efficient work flow within the company. An administrative assistant is also a point of contact for all employees and allows them to put their requests and grievances to the organization. 

Along with managing the queries of employees, they also offer administrative support to the staff. On this job role, one is required to maintain files, attend phone calls and organize the records of the company. 

Assistant Retail Manager

The assistant retail manager is someone who takes care of operational requirements within the store. On this job roles, you are required to undertake various responsibilities that include recruiting and supervising staff, maintaining financial records, handling customer queries and a lot more. They are also involved with setting sales targets. 

Human Resources Specialist 

Another very popular role that you can opt for with an AA degree is that of a human resources specialist. This important job role is pivotal to every organisation as an HR specialist screens and interviews people for various job roles within the company. They also implement various training plans and ensure that the office environment is safe and conducive for all.