Home Advisor What a Man’s Shoes Say About Him: A Quick Guide

What a Man’s Shoes Say About Him: A Quick Guide

What a Man's Shoes Say About Him A Quick Guide

It is said that when you are on a date or attending a meeting, there are a few things that the other person or people notice about you. Firstly, it is usually your teeth, then your hair, and then their eyes will usually drop to your shoes. Odd, but it’s true.

The choice of shoes that you wear says a lot about your character. Not only whether you have money, but also if you are more fun-loving, egotistical, or mature.


So, gentlemen, when you are looking through your shoe collection to decide what to wear to your next meeting, or your next night out, here are some of the things the pair you pick will say about you.  

Dress Shoes

Smooth, laced, and usually made of leather (or faux leather), dress shoes are a classy choice when you are attending an interview, a board meeting, or going out on a hot date. 

However, if you wear dress shoes a lot of the time, it could be seen that you take life too seriously. Not every interaction is a board meeting, and others may perceive that you need to loosen up a bit. For a glance at shoes that are classy but not too serious, head over to burrowsandhare.co.uk for some inspiration.

Sneakers or Trainers

These are a stark contrast to the dress shoes. They display that you still take yourself seriously enough to wear a pair of Converses or Nike’s (both expensive brand names), but that you also can be more laid back and relaxed. 

They can also highlight that you have a sporty side and would not be uncomfortable running for a bus or playing an impromptu game of football in the park. So, if you want to showcase that you are a laid-back fella, grab your top-brand sneakers or trainers to make a good impression. Just don’t wear them in a board meeting,


Hiking boots or any kind of outdoor shoe instantly signify a more rugged edge to your personality. They practically scream that you love hiking, climbing mountains, and walking in the woods. But it is worth noting that these kinds of boots or ‘utility shoes’ should only be worn when you are going to be hiking. It would look odd to wear them with a suit and they would certainly be out of place in a workplace meeting – unless you work as a builder.

Flip Flops

This is a bit of a tricky one for most men, as for some reason, men don’t like showing off their feet in the same way that women do.

A man wearing flip-flops instantly creates images of a scorching beach or a hot city in the height of summer. However, if you adorn flip-flops on cooler, sunnier days, this can prompt others to see you as laid back and fun-loving. Once again, great for casual wear, but not so great for the office.

Boat Shoes

You don’t need to own a boat to wear boat shoes. And most people associate this kind of shoe with comfort more than anything else. 

These shoes also can create an image of someone who is rather sophisticated but isn’t afraid or anxious about getting involved in more adult conversations or interactions. Carefree? Yes. Childish? No.