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Understanding How Scale Crane Can Benefit Your Business

Understanding How Scale Crane Can Benefit Your Business

If you’re working in the heavy machinery industry, you must have come across the term crane scales. These are the skills that are used to weigh heavy objects. The main difference that they have with the hanging scale is that there a little bit expensive and occupy a bit more space.

The crane scale comes with different measuring capacities. The lowest measuring capacity comes out to be around 500 KG, whereas the highest can go beyond 3000KG.

The crane scales 3000KG come along with an internal accumulator. There is no display of the weight being measured, but it is internally transferred into a remote location. Most of them come along with a 12 Volt power supply.

In this article, we learn a little more about the crane scale.

Understanding the application of Crane scales


People often confuse a crane scale and a hanging scale. The former is used mainly in heavy industries like shipping, machinery, and warehousing.

You might find a hanging scale in the grocery store which is used for measuring fruits, veggies, and meats.

Steps to operate a crane scale

Since every scale comes along with a measurement of its own before you start to operate one, make sure that you note its threshold.

The following steps can be quite helpful to operate your scale.

  1. The heavy machinery comes along with a spot to hang it. 
  2. Make sure the crane scale is tuned to 0.
  3. Flat objects should only be used on the crane scale
  4. Securely connect the object with the scale using the hook present on it.
  5. With the help of the crane controls, lift the object and note down the reading.
  6. Once you have noted it down slowly, place the object back onto the ground.

A precaution that you need to follow while using this scale is that no inflammable objects should be present around. Moreover, on a personnel level, everyone should have their helmets on. 

Benefits of using it in your company

No organization would bring in such a heavy instrument unless it benefits them. The benefit of this instrument is quite high. Let us look into them, one by one. 

  1. It helps you to measure the objects that were previously non-measurable.
  2. Saves you a lot of space since it’s present in a hanging condition.
  3. Gives better accuracy in terms of the products being delivered if they are heavy.
  4. No more pressure of transporting the object to weight. Simply hook it and let the wait be measured.
  5. Readings accurate up to 0.1% its high precision when compared to the other products in the market.

Safety Measures To Be Taken
Safety is very important while working in a heavy machinery organization. As discussed before, helmets should be worn if using this. Moreover, a limited number of people should be around the crane.

Unless required, the crowd should be as minimal as possible.

The goods that we wade should be inspected regularly. The hook should be maintained in a good condition. Avoid going to the maximum threshold of the crane scale.

These safety measures can help your organization avoid any unforeseen accidents.