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 Ultimate Guide to the Casual Business Style for Men

Ultimate Guide to the Casual Business Style for Men

The majority of modern organizations have relaxed their dress codes. Gone are when men had to wear a suit and tie every day to work. For the most part, this is fantastic news. After all, a complete suit and tie, especially in the summer, wearing coats and dress shirts are not exactly the most pleasant outfit.

Take it you work in a traditional 9-to-5 corporate workplace where business casual dress is required. You’re somewhere between entry-level and executive positions. However, here are some ideas for your outfits:

  1. Dress like a Grown-Up:

Nothing says casual weekend attire like a well-loved leather jacket flung over a fitted tee-shirt with a pair of jeans. When styling a leather jacket, adopt a less is more approach. Therefore, think basics with a good quality white tee-shirt from somewhere like Bassike and dark wash jeans. However, this looks sensational with a pair of fresh white kicks and no socks.

  1. Adding Penny Style Shoes:

A loafer is hard to beat whenever it comes to casual footwear. These shoes go perfectly with jeans, chinos, or tailored shorts. They give a degree of expertise to casual clothes that won’t go ignored. You prefer the penny variety tasselled or horse-bit.

Play with suede and canvas compositions that provide texture in the warmer months. Be willing to try out bright colours like azure, burning orange, or even yellow. Therefore, these unexpected flourishes add character and fun — make sure to Scotchgard them first.

  1. Wearing Right Accessories:

Always consider them in connection to the shoes you’re wearing. For example, whether I’m wearing sneakers and chinos, I’ll usually go for a looser navy or grey canvas or suede belt.

These are finishing touches, whether your belt, eyeglasses, or watch. They are an opportunity to add personality and flair to your ensemble. You can extend your outfit by wearing business style aviator sunglasses which can glam up your overall look.   

  1. Wearing Linen Shirts:

The white linen shirt is a must-have for staying fashionable and comfortable in the hot months because it is light and breezy. This shirt is made to look comfortable, with an open collar and nicely rolled sleeves expressing effortlessness. Therefore, without needing a belt, the hem should be arranged in a casual half-tuck into pants from the front.

  1. Choose Shirt Jackets with Slim Jeans:

Designers are creating shackets in athletic nylons or breezy cotton that work for any taste, making it the perfect option for spring or autumn. Use the shacked covered (to the neck or slightly open) or layered over a plain t-shirt to get as much out of them. 

Therefore, the shirt jacket combines the deconstructed features of a casual blazer with the formality of a suit jacket. They are making it even more weekend-smart when paired with your favourite tapered jeans.

Final Verdict:

Casual clothes,’ more than any other, should speak to something like an informal yet beautiful dressing method for the modern male. Casual wear is a true art that every grown-up guy can adopt. Once they adopt it perfectly, they should be able to hold you in a strong position for most events. However, it is not a dress code as an attitude and outlook on personal style.