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UK Red List: SA set to be removed next week – Report


After weeks of outcry and diplomatic back and forth, it looks like South Africa will be removed from the UK red list during the coming week. The news will come as a huge relief for many with families abroad. And, of course, our own tourism sector.

When will SA be removed from the UK red list?

According to reporting from Reuters today, SA and several other countries including Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia, will officially be removed from the UK red list on Thursday.


The announcement is expected to then lead to an influx of flights from those countries, to the UK. SA being taken off the red list will mean that fully vaccinated South Africans arriving in the UK, will now no longer need to fork out a small fortune to go into state-designated hotel quaratine facilities for 10 days.

Previously, quarantining in these UK facilities, came with a cost of well over R30 000.

The UK government has also said that from late October, those arriving in England, not from red list countries, will no longer have to take a COVID test before their flight. UK tourists are also one of the biggest tourist markets for SA.

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During his family meeting with the nation a few days ago, President Cyril Ramaphosa revealed that he had been in direct discussion with Boris Johnson. The pair had discussed the status of the pandemic in South Africa, as well as the need for our removal from the red list.

Keep an eye out for that potential announcement from Johnson, in the next few days.

UK Red List: SA set to be removed next week – Report