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Top 5 Personalised Gift Ideas for Husband

Top 5 Personalised Gift Ideas for Husband

Life before marriage is indeed beautiful as our parents shower unconditional love on us. But, life after marriage is also wonderful when you get married to a man who cares for you, and adores you unconditionally. Whether it’s a good day or a bad day, he stands by you in every situation and guides you on the right path. So, when his birthday is just around the corner, it’s your responsibility that you do your best to bring the biggest smile to the face of your soul mate. On this birthday, don’t present normal gifts, but turn the normal gifts into extraordinary ones by adding a touch of personalization to them.

Here, we bring the best-customized gift ideas for your husband. Have a look:


1. Personalised mug: Is your husband a coffee lover? Does he start his day with coffee and during the daytime too coffee sipping is a must-get going? Then, a mug makes the best gift for your husband. Go for custom mugs to bring the broadest smile on the face of your loving spouse. Either you can add his name or photograph to make it unique. Whenever he will sip coffee, he will remember your sweet gesture and would feel lucky to have a caring wife like you. Also, a personalized mug enhances the kitchen décor. Keep it aesthetically in the kitchen cupboard, adding a distinctive style to your existing kitchen décor.

2. Photo cushion: Nothing gives immense happiness to us than a cosy cushion. Give the gift of goodnight sleep to your husband this birthday. Hey! We are not talking about the regular cushion. But, we are advising you to get the regular cushion adapted into a photo cushion. Now, you can order photo cushion online from the comfort of your couch. Visit an online gifting shop, select the cushion, upload the most candid photograph of your husband, and mention the address, date, and time. The photo cushion will be delivered to your doorstep. There are a lot of gifting websites that provide same-day delivery of photo cushions. So, even if you have made up your mind to get it delivered at the last moment, your wish will be fulfilled with this delivery option. Whenever your husband will lie down on his bed and hug it tightly, he will be so relaxed and would pass a smile looking at you.

3. Initial alphabet keychain: Are you facing budget constraints and cannot invest much into your husband’s present? Chill! A keychain is also a nice option. You can select a keychain with an initial alphabet. The initial keychain symbolizes your identity, strength, and wisdom. Present this one-of-a-kind gift in a surprising manner. Ask your husband to close his eyes. Insert his car/bike key into the keychain and then put it on his hand. Then, ask him to open his eyes. Aahhh! That moment! Surely, he will fall in love with your choice, and once again with you as well. 

4. T-Shirt with a quote: You must be wondering what kind of a gift it is! Right! Well, it’s a functional gift with a twist. All you have to do is that instead of buying a simple T-shirt, you have to order a customized T-shirt. Just remember the favorite quote of your brother and get it printed on the T-shirt. There are a lot of online gifting shops that offer organic T-Shirt in different colors and customize it according to the provided quote. Your husband will be really excited to wear it soon. He can wear them during his workouts, during late-night friends’ catch up, or during a coffee outing with you. Wearing his favorite quote keep will him happy and positive vibes will flow all day long.

5. Personalised bottle with the name: Looking for a practical gift too? A water bottle is a perfect gift. You can enhance its beauty by printing the name of your husband on this bottle. There are a lot of websites that offer lightweight and durable water bottles. He would definitely find this unique gift really thoughtful and would love to carry it to different places like – the gym, office, or travel. Here at FlowerAura, you can avail of midnight delivery of this gift and make your spouse feel special.

Gifts manifest true emotions and appreciation towards our loved ones and when the gifts are personalized, their impact is everlasting. So, on this upcoming birthday of your husband, gift him something memorable that can be treasured forever. The list is given above, you have to choose the one that you find perfect for your husband.