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Things to Consider Before Buying Clip-In Hair Extensions

Things to Consider Before Buying Clip-In Hair Extensions

Long, flowing, thick hair enhances your appearance, restores your confidence, and is an intrinsic part of your personality. But despite wanting it, not all people have the kind of hair that would make them happy. Treatments are an option, but they don’t always produce the desired results. Moreover, you might want to change your appearance instantly, for a special occasion or even otherwise. The best option, under those circumstances, is clip in hair extensions. They blend well without standing out, provided you choose the right shade and length. They also have plenty of advantages, for example, easy maintenance and installation. What things should you remember before getting it and other essential details? Read on to know more.

What are they made of?


These hair extensions contain 100% Indian Remy human hair. They are the best option because, unlike synthetic hair, they do not contain harmful chemicals or other substances that might cause irritation or other unpleasant effects. These hairpieces come straight from the donor, and upon touching them, you will notice natural smoothness. They also have their cuticles (outermost layer of hair) intact and running in the same direction, which is vital because it prevents entanglement or weakness. 

How many clips are there?

The exact number of clips in an extension depends on the weft’s width and varies from one model to another. For instance, an eight-inches wide weft will comprise three of them. However, a good company will keep the clips to a minimum for maximum comfort and convenience. The band on which they sit has a tight stitch to prevent their loosening or falling off. 

Length and weight of the extensions

Usually, you will find these between 12 inches and 25 inches in length and 130 and 240 grams in weight. The more the length, the higher their weight. You must select one while considering both these factors, as they will play a role in the comfort factor. 

Benefits of clip-ins

Clip-ins have plenty of advantages, which also explains their incredible popularity. The primary benefit is convenience since you can put them on and remove them by yourself without anyone’s help. Just a few minutes, and you can enjoy a completely new look. Depending on your preferences, you can also select from various shades and lengths. Indian Remy extensions are also suitable for curling and straightening, just like your regular hair, and you can also heat them for styling purposes. They work perfectly regardless of what kind of hair you have because they blend in seamlessly. Even if you have short, thin hair, you can wear them without anybody knowing you’ve got extensions. But to do that, you must remember to backcomb the hair above the top weft (thin horizontal strip attached to the hair).

Shades you will find them in

These hairpieces are available in four primary colors: blond, brown, black, brunette, and red, and are further categorized into various subtypes. For example, you can choose from platinum, lightest, sunset, natural, strawberry, ash, and rodeo drive if you like blonde. If you prefer brunette, you could select from starlet, bel-air, and bombshell. 

Tips on taking care of them 

You must avoid sleeping, bathing, or swimming with extensions as these might lower their longevity. Usually, they last between three and six months and even up to two years with the proper maintenance. You might also consider avoiding them during power boating or wearing them in highly windy conditions. If your hair is oily, wash them after wearing them five times, while for the normal scalp, you could clean them even after ten wearings. It is also essential to gently brush them after wearing them each time to prevent damage. 

Clip in hair extensions are the quickest, most effective, and most convenient way to transform your look without any side effects. You can attach and remove them quickly, choose from a wide range of shades, and ensure you get the look you want without any hassle.