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The Best Subscription Box For Outdoor Adventures


Subscription boxes are becoming more popular because they solve the mystery of what to buy someone who has everything. They also make great gifts that keep on giving because most of them ship out monthly. If you have an outdoorsy friend or family member, a subscription box filled with outdoor gear and adventure items would be the perfect gift.

However, the industry is becoming saturated, and it can be hard to know which ones are worth the money. But you should not worry. This post has addressed that problem by narrowing down the best subscription boxes for outdoor adventures.


This post describes five top-rated outdoor adventure subscription boxes. You will also find out what type of person would love each box and what they can expect to find inside. If you are adventurous, pick one and subscribe according to your budget and interests.

1. BattlBox

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran camper, BattlBox has a subscription level for you. There are four options to choose from; Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus. As you move up, the boxes get more expensive but also contain more high-quality and brand-name gear.

BattlBox delivers your package every month. You receive curated items like flashlights, compasses, first-aid kits, multi-tools, and more. The company also includes helpful information about how to use your gear to make your adventure successful, making it the best outdoor subscription box for beginners.

Your subscription renews every month, but you can cancel at any time. The monthly postage ensures you are always ready for your next adventure. Unique items also help those who never plan their next outdoor activity. You can organize your next activity after opening your BattlBox.

2. Crate Club

Crate Club is a subscription box for those who love tactical gear and spending time outdoors. The company curates high-quality and hand-picked items from top brands to send to its subscribers quarterly. This subscription is ideal for people who want more challenging adventures, and all the tools and gear are those used by professional forces and survivalists.

You can choose from three subscription levels; Lieutenant, Captain, and General. The Lieutenant level is the most affordable but still contains quality gear. The Captain is the midground where budget meets value. The General is the most expensive but contains top-of-the-line items. Professionals and those with a higher budget will appreciate this subscription.

Crate Club delivers your box every quarter, giving you a new package for every season. Subscriptions are quarterly or annually. Annual subscriptions offer a 10% discount and free shipping, but the General package discounts by $200 instead of 10%.

3. Nomadik

Nomadik is a monthly subscription box for those who want to try new outdoor activities. The company includes gear and information on your adventure to prepare you for your next vacation or season.

This subscription gives you three choices; Light The Night, Hammock Box, and Campfire Revelry. Each of these packages contains unique items. It makes it easy to pick a package that matches your needs. You can change your subscription to receive products you would need for your next adventure. The two higher packages have a free camping checklist to enhance your experience.

4. Apocabox

When your adventures go extreme, you need a survival package to enable you to explore more, overcome challenges, and grow your skills. Apocabox is a survival-targeted subscription with the gear, training, and tools you need to excel in your activity. Your box ships every other month to equip you with new products as your skills develop.

This subscription has several choices. The Apoca-Boss recurring subscription delivers a package every two months. A one-year stock-up plan makes it easier to pay for your subscription without bothering you on subsequent years’ renewals. The gift box plan allows you to purchase a present for a friend to enjoy the adventure together.

5. Hiker Crate

In no way is this the least of the valuable subscription boxes around. Instead, it is one of the most unique. Hiker Crate is a monthly subscription that caters to those who want to hike but do not know where to start. The company includes a guidebook with each package to help you plan your hike and find the perfect trail.

Hikers and campers will love trail food, snacks, and energy bars in each package. You can also find gear like water bottles, headlamps, and other accessories. Other accessories like gear repair and skin care products help maintain your equipment and body while on the trail.


Adventure lovers are always looking for the next big thing. For some, it is finding the best subscription boxes to help with their planning. Various subscription boxes bring you different items to enhance your experience. These five are some of the best for outdoor adventures. Consider what you need and find the perfect subscription box for your next big adventure.