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The Best Ladies Nights to Try in Dubai 

The Best Ladies Nights to Try in Dubai

Are you planning for a getaway only with your girl gang? If so, we are here to give the details we know to aid your ladies’ trip. Since the start of the pandemic, you have been skipping lots of fun-filled activities to do with your girls like swimming and brunching. We feel you. We wanna help you to make all that up and catch up with all ladies’ nights in Dubai.

Ladies’ nights nowadays are far better than they previously were. While eating finger-licking cuisines, you can catch up on all the chitchats with your girlfriends. In the past, ladies’ nights in Dubai were conducted only on Tuesdays. But now, there are still some restaurants, spas, pools, and beach offering you girls only ladies’ night in Dubai. How impressive!


Practically speaking, every night can be a ladies’ night in Dubai where ladies can relax with their friends and have discounted meals, free drinks, and complimentary shisha.

To let the ladies’ night in Dubai more fun, we have compiled the best manners to spend time with your girlfriends.

The Best Ladies Nights to Try in Dubai:

  • Laguna Waterpark

If you wanna have fun during the weekends with your girls, head straight to the Laguna Waterpark with your girls at 7 pm on Fridays as it’s ladies’ night there. Ladies will gain exclusive access to this particular waterpark and avail of all the offers there. Enjoy the lazy river and the FlowRider is a must-try there. There is a female DJ so you can have a lit party with your girlfriends there. Plus, your little ones are totally welcome too.

Pro tip: Make sure you book earlier to reduce the ticket charge.

  • Ski Dubai

Ladies, a terrific chance to beat the heat is to visit Jet Ski Dubai sometime. Get your girls in your car and reach this destination. This ticket to Ski Dubai gives access to gloves, winter gear, and lockers.

You can pick from the options to access the snow park like the  2 hours of slope time or total access to four rides, or a 60-minute ski class. In the beverage and food section, you can avail yourself of any one of these offers: 15% discount if it’s your ladies’ night or gets a welcome drink free of cost, or get 20% off at the North 28 Restaurant in your bill.

  • Armani/ Spa

Armani/ Spa gives a 30% discount for ladies who spend more than 60 minutes for any of the treatments there. This will include that the ladies will gain access to the Armani/ Terme bathing amenities. From 9 am to 10 pm, this deal is available on all Tuesdays.

  • Palazzo Versace- The Spa

Wanna chill out and get pampered with your girlfriends? Mostly on Mondays, the spa at Palazzo Versace is exclusively inviting all the girls/ ladies to get pampered. The amenities you’ll get are a flat 50% off on your treatment price if you visit during Ladies’ Day and you get a free drink from the spa itself. Reserve your spot momentarily!

  • Roxy Cinema

This Roxy Cinema will allot ladies’ night every now and then, so you just need to follow their news and be updated on when they will be hosting one. You’ll get to know what movie they’re screening from their social media/ website from time to time.

You will get access to loads of coupons for Lucky Voice, coupons to have unlimited mocktails just before the show, or get yummilicious foods and others. You can get cozy while watching the movie, as they’ll give you a blanket and a completely reclining seat.

  • Cutting Edge

Ladies’ night in Dubai is incomplete with you going with your girlfriends to this salon to get you decked up! Get yourself a hair spa with a classic pedicure or manicure along with a soothing 20-minute facial or massage. Y’all deserve this!

Summing it up

Come on, ladies. Just skip the old having drinks and dinner meetup with your girlfriends for something more pleasing and different this time. This city of Dubai has a bunch of unique stuff to do for your girl gang. From pampering sessions to fun trips to Ski Dubai, from watersports to watching the cinema, you for sure need to check them out with your girls!Indeed there is nothing more fun than spending quality time with your friends. From spas to yummy cuisines, throughout the week, ladies’ night can be of total enjoyment. We hope you read this list and have made up your mind about where to spend your ladies’ night in Dubai at. Well, if you haven’t. Try exploring all the ladies’ night spots with your girlfriends!