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The Benefits of Having a Bath

The Benefits of Having a Bath

Having a bath is one of life’s little luxuries, and while you might only be thinking about a cold one right now, both hot and cold baths can offer excellent benefits – which might be why we always go back for more.

Whether you are already a bath fiend or want to be converted, this piece is going to look at what you stand to gain when you get in the tub. So, grab your rubber duck and keep reading to find out more.


Taking a Bath Can Make You Feel Happier 

There is a reason when we are feeling a little low in mood that we get the bubble bath out and head for a soak. The feeling of warmth is comforting, but when combined with peace and quiet (or your favourite podcast), and some time alone, it can make for a magical, restorative experience. This allows your body and mind to take a moment to relax, which can seldom be done in places such as the kitchen.

Get in the Tub to Relieve Aches and Pains 

Top athletes are seen jumping into baths of ice after a sporting event, and those after a day in the office might more commonly opt for a hot soak. Whichever you choose, both can help reduce inflammation in the body, and relieve any aches and pains you might have accumulated. This is also useful information for those who suffer from any chronic inflammation, as the warmth can get your blood moving around your body, improving circulation, and helping your body to relax. 

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It Is Time to Wake Up

It might sound counterintuitive, that a warm, relaxing bath can wake you up – especially when we are encouraged to have one before bed for better sleep – but the effects of a bath are much more stimulating initially. This is because a bath wakes up your circulation and gets your heart pumping blood around the body. This is great for any afternoon slumps or when a pick-me-up is needed. However, if you are looking to bathe for a better quality of sleep, baths also work. They do not tend to make you drowsy, but they will help you achieve a deeper sleep when you go to bed, which is a win-win. Just make sure it is a couple of hours before you want to snooze.

Bathing Can Soothe Irritated Skin 

Those with skin conditions know how uncomfortable things can get and will try most things to try to find relief. Well, a simple bath could offer you just that. Baths are a great vessel for additions such as oat milk, essential oils, bath salts, and other therapeutic accompaniments. Find something that will help relax and rejuvenate your skin, depending on what your issues are, and infuse the bath with it for the beneficial properties.