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Select Your Suitable Account Type with FinoTrend and Enjoy a Distinct Trading Experience

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Each trader has a unique trading experience and the ability to invest in the financial markets. Therefore, the limitations and preferences of the different traders are different. For this reason, different account types are helpful to meet the requirements of different traders. The availability of multiple account types also assists the traders to choose their appropriate account type on the basis of their experience and capacity to trade in the financial markets.

With FinoTrend, you will have the availability of five distinct account types from which you can choose the most appropriate account type for you. The available account types in this financial organization are-

  • Beginner
  • Trader
  • Expert
  • VIP
  • Exclusive

The Advantages of Multiple Account Types:

To invest in financial markets, you need to consider two things, such as your risk handling ability and trading experience. Even though some investments are well-known for great returns, these investments can be very risky for beginners. However, with sufficient experience in trading and handling risks, you can consider these investments. Conversely, some other investments can be great for novice traders, but may not derive excellent returns. Therefore, it is essential to choose your investment type based on your capacity and experience. Multiple account types are beneficial for this reason as you will have options to choose the right account type for you. FinoTrend also allows you to change your account type later with gaining a better trading experience.

How to Select Your Account Type with FinoTrend?

For each distinct account type, you require to deposit a unique amount of money. The money required to deposit for a Beginner account type is much lesser in comparison to the Exclusive account type. Nevertheless, a Beginner or Trader account type does not require much trading experience. Even though the Beginner or Trader account type is suitable for novice traders, they will not be able to receive live trading signals and have limited open positions with these account types. To enjoy multiple trading facilities, you have to go for the Exclusive, Expert, or VIP account types. These account types are not only very expensive but also require efficient knowledge about the financial markets. The interesting thing is that FinoTrend allows you to access all these account types using any internet-connected device such as a PC, smartphone, or tablet. 

Open a Live Trading Account with FinoTrend: You need to register to FinoTrend and deposit money depending on your account in order to start trading with this financial organization. Opening a real account is beneficial with this financial agency as you can access an array of helpful features and tools. The STP technology of this trading platform will also make your trading journey very smooth. You can even open a demo account for gaining knowledge about the fundamentals of the financial markets and exploring various trading strategies without losing your money. This is because the demo account does not involve your real fund and you can use this account for learning purposes. Along with the availability of multiple account types, FinoTrend also makes Islamic accounts available for Muslim traders. Therefore, to enjoy these benefits, start trading immediately with FinoTrend.