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Prints To Wear In Summer 2022

Prints To Wear In Summer 2022

Summer is here! And, if you are a fashionista, you will want to look striking, whether you are at the beach or hanging with friends at a BBQ. 

On the catwalks so far there have been many calls for brighter colors, to accentuate the natural hue of the lighter months. However, there has also been a call for prints, with many catwalk models sporting striking and bold visuals. 


If you have always wanted to wear prints, and haven’t really known how to, now is the perfect time to learn, and to be on-trend. So, here are some of the best prints to wear in the warmer season of 2022. 


There is something to be said about floral prints in spring, but when it comes to this summer, they are all over the runways. Interestingly, they have been showcased in different forms, and it seems that the larger the prints, the better.

Whether you are wearing a daring bikini or a beautiful piece of plus-size clothing, aim to have floral prints that are bold, large, and, in some cases, even damask in design.


You may be wondering why rose prints were not included in the previous section. Well, that’s because on the runways this year, they are in a league of their own, with red roses making the most impact of all in this print style. 

Saint Laurent and Valentino showcased red roses on their summer sarongs and their jumpsuits, making it the perfect time to look pretty in red.

Polka dot

Who doesn’t love polka dot?

These stunning and simple prints come in a range of colors and match pretty much any accessory or piece of clothing that they are paired with. Often paired with florals in the runway shows, the polka dots were large and small in this season’s shows, meaning that now is the best time to buy a bikini with this print – or even an entire set of clothes in this print!


Much like polka dot, plaid comes in a range of colors and sizes, and in the summer fashion shows it has made itself known across the likes of Rocha John Rocha and Gucci.

This is not to say that you need to go out of your way to wear a kilt, but it may be the perfect time to dig out that tartan skirt that was seemingly never going to come back into fashion, or why not get some plaid accessories? That way, you can add the print to an outfit that has bold colors, without being too busy or overstated.


Stripes are great, especially if they are worn right! There is no better time to wear stripes than in the summer season, with many catwalks adorning the vertical and horizontal look in a range of colors, thicknesses and on a range of background hues. 

Stripes give an easy-going look to most items of clothing and can be a great way to add a striking print to a plain outfit. So, you can wear your striped shirt to a barbeque or to the office and still be on-trend while being effortless!