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Pole Assassin: Who is Pole Assassin aka Dani Thomas? Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age

Pole Assassin

Who is Pole Assassin aka Dani Thomas? Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age

The internet has been buzzing with rumors of a new stripper named Pole Assassin. Despite the recent scandal surrounding her and Jeff Banks, the infamous pole dancer is still going strong. After leaving his wife and children, he has become a hot topic of conversation. And she is suing Jeff for defamation and gross negligence after a monkey bit her child. The lawsuit is pending.

The first piece of information available about her was a video of herself dancing with a monkey on stage. The monkey was actually an emotional support animal for Thomas. She used the animal during her performances to ensure its safety. In the video, she is shown protecting a monkey. Despite this, the story does not end there. While she may have been dancing on stage with the monkey, she has a dedicated Instagram account.


Besides being a stripper, Pole Assassin has been an American football coach. The couple announced their engagement in January 2017. While they are still unsure of whether or not they will get married, their relationship has gotten some press. As a result, the couple is now an Internet sensation. Netizens are seeking information about Pole Assassin’ personal life. It should be noted that there has been no formal announcement on the two women’s engagement.

The pole Assassin has performed on several television shows. She is best known for appearing on “The Jerry Springer Show” as a guest alongside a monkey named Gia. In May 2017, she was invited on a tour with a celebrity partner Jeff Banks, an ex-football player and head coach of the Texas Longhorns football club. She was a bit embarrassed and deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts, but she is still entertaining the public.

The dancer, Dani Thomas, has been a popular internet sensation since she appeared on The Jerry Springer Show. She has also appeared on TV shows in various genres and became famous through her appearances. Her latest public appearance was on the “Jerry Springer Show” during a special episode that was supposed to feature wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin. During the segment, Thomas performed on a pole allegedly made of wood. She received a standing ovation after the show and apologized for the incident, but the review was not good.

The pole dancer has not revealed her date of birth or her zodiac sign. She is an American citizen originally from Jamaica, but she currently resides in Houston, Texas. She has a well-maintained body and a slim figure. She is also rumored to be dating Jeff Banks, who is the co-founder of the famous hip hop label Clinkenbeard. The two are pictured on the cover of the movie.

Although she is not a famous person, she has managed to earn the nickname “Pole Assassin” through her numerous performances. She is a famous American pole dancer who has gained popularity due to her unusual routines. She has become famous through her appearances on the TV show “The Jerry Springer Show” where she danced on a freestanding pole. Her stunts were filmed with Gia and has been viewed over a million times.

Despite being an American citizen, Pole Assassin is a professional exotic dancer and stripper. She is famous for appearing with a monkey named Gia on “The Jerry Springer Show”. She has also been linked to the football team of the Texas Longhorns. Nevertheless, she has not publicly revealed her date of birth, zodiac sign, and childhood details. She is now in her 30s and 40s.

She has not revealed her zodiac sign or date of birth. She is a U.S. citizen and originally hails from Jamaica. She is a proud member of the LGBTQ community and is married to Jeff Banks. She has a curvy body and is currently living in Houston, Texas. She has been linked to a celebrity for some time now, but has not revealed all her details.

Dani Thomas aka Pole Assassin is a Stripper and is best known as the girlfriend of Jeff Banks, an American football coach also a former athlete. Recently, Pole Assassin made the media headlines when her pet monkey, Gia assaulted a young girl. The incident occurred on October 31 2021. According to the source of the incident, the white face capuchin monkey Giga bit the girl, however, no one was able to speak out regarding the incident. In a tweet, Dani confirmed that her pet monkey attacked her and wrote “I was haunted by a house that was of the gate. He was not allowed to pass through the gate. I didn’t know that he had walked through my yard,” and added “Neither did I know about bites! until a neighbor’s doctor said they were treating an insignificant bite. My parents have not contacted me regarding this!.”

who are you? Dani Thomas aka Pole Assassin?

NamePole Assassin
Real NameDani Thomas
Agein the late 30’s
BoyfriendJeff Banks
Net WorthFrom $400k to $700k USD

Dani Thomas is working as a stripper since the year 2011. On Instagram, she is known under the name of ‘pole assassin” and has 66.5k followers. She also has a pet that is named Gia and on the 21st of October 2021, Gia assaulted a girl, but no one has come forward about the incident. Gia is a member of the Instagram account named’monkey_gia’. She has 8.7k followers. Her bio reads “I’m white-faced capuchin…I’m female ….my with the name GIA.im an emotional support person. I’m sure to make you feel happy ..” Dani Thomas has an official Youtube channel with the name pole assassin and she launched the channel on August 5 in 2011. On her channel the most-watched video is “20130901_033440.mp4,” it has been viewed over 836k times during the time of writing. In addition, Dani also promotes another Youtube channel, ‘NakedDreamsENT’. the description page of that channel states “This Channel provides news coverage of exclusive events that include celebrity interviews and concerts, music videos popular entertainers and an entertainment source.”

The year 2011 was the last time Dani Thomas owned a website ‘poleassassin.com The website is no longer operational, but the About section states “We have developed a brand unique and innovative method to enjoy time with friends regardless of the event. Bachelorette Party, Birthday Party, Divorce Party, Holiday Party, Bridal Shower, I’m Over Him Party, Book Club Party, Mom’s Group Party, Corporate Events, Girls Night In Party. The event you choose. The events we host will assist you in building confidence in yourself and building self-esteem because it’s an extremely positive experience. Learn to communicate with a more positive, natural, and authentic body language that allows you to be confident in your sexuality and be able to express yourself in a more open manner. Our dance routines include pole dancing routines and sexy lap dance as well as striptease, role-play sensual massage, and belly dance lessons. Our mission is to offer the most enjoyable experience, allowing you to unleash your inner self. Our clients are women who work every day, corporate women mothers who stay at home, and women from every walk of life. Our courteous and accommodating staff will make sure that your celebration is one to remember, so let us unlock your alter self through us.”

Pole Assassin Summary

Dani offers three packages that include Assassin Teaser Party, Assassin the Diva Party along Assassin Main Attraction. In the Assassin Teaser party, Dani offers a one-hour party class as well as one or more dance choices like Pole Dance lesson, Lap Dance lesson as well as a StripTease class, and an Exotic floor lesson. Additionally, the packages include 10 guests and wine for guests for $275. Then, for the Assassin Diva party, she offers a 90-minute party as well as two of the following dance options like Pole Dance lesson, Lap Dance lesson, StripTease lesson, and Exotic floor lesson. In addition, the package includes 10 guests as well as wine for $475. In the Assassin Main Attraction, she offers 2 hours of entertainment and 3 of the following options for dancing which include Pole Dance lesson, Lap Dance lesson, StripTease lesson, Exotic floor lesson, and a Sensual Massage lesson. All package includes 10 people, wine for guests, and goody bags for $625.

Pole Assassin Facts and Trivia

In the following days, she explained the website “Here we are at Pole Assassin we customize each event to meet your requirements. Simply let us know what you’d like and we’ll work to meet your needs. We also have platinum-level packages. Contact info@poleassassin.com or call to customize your next party,” and added “After 10 people, we charge a $15/person, whether they participate or not. Do you not want your celebration to be over? You may add on more time to your event when the time is set Each additional hour will cost a $150.00 fee (cash only).” Also “Pole Rental: $150 per stationary pole, and $200 for a stage pole for 24 hours. We will deliver, set up, and remove your rental (additional costs will apply).”

What is the age of Dani Thomas aka Pole Assassin?

Dani Thomas aka Pole Assassin is in her 30’s.

How rich are you? Dani Thomas aka Pole Assassin?

The estimated net worth of Dani Thomas aka Pole Assassin is from $400k-$700K USD.