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PICUKI INSTAGRAM: WHAT Is it? Is it secure? What is the best way to use it?


What is Picuki?

Picuki is an online-based tool that permits users to download all images and photos of Instagram( Instagram) accounts online. The great thing about it is you do not have to sign in or register to download images from an account with a particular ID. It is necessary to enter your account ID for the image you wish to download and you will be able to view all pictures that have been posted on your IG account. Picuki also includes some awesome large features such as; allowing you to edit other users’ pictures online, regardless of whether you want to set filters, crop, or adjust contrast, saturation, or any other. It is possible to do this all.

Making use of Picuki isn’t too difficult. I will explain how you can utilize Picuki step by step using pictures.


The official site has been changed to Picuki.com

How do I utilize Picuki?

There are two primary methods to utilize Picuki.

  1. View images from the account search
  2. View pictures using hashtags

If you’re familiar with these two ways then you’ll be able to view your Instagram pictures.

Method 1. Search for your account

1. Click on the link below to access Picuki, a web-based IG image downloader tool.

2. Picuki online IG photo picture download (editable)

3. After entering the Picuki website, you’ll be able to view its homepage. The method to access Picuki is easy simply by entering the other person’s Instagram profile directly on the site.

4. Picuki will then show all the IGs linked to that IG account you registered typically, you’ll be able to determine which one you’re trying to find. After you locate the IG account you’re searching for. For instance, I type in the name of the football legend Cristiano Ronaldo.

5. After you click to open your IG account, you’ll discover the Picuki account has been listed with all of the images and photos of the IG posts from the account. In addition, some of the posts on the IG account are displayed for you.

6. Then you can begin to look through all the posts posted by that IG account! Once you have found the post that you wish to download the image from and click the button to sign in.

7. After entering the post image, if wish to download this image simply select “Download” in order to save it. Once the IG image photo that is available on the Picuki website is at full size. There will be no issue with the thumbnail getting smaller.

Method 2 – Hashtag search

To see Instagram images using hashtag search follow the steps listed below.

1. Access to Picuki prior to tapping the search button.

2. Enter the hashtag you’d like to search and press on the “search icon”.

3. Tap “Tags” above the results of your search.

4. Candidate hashtags are shown, so just tap the hashtag you wish to view.

5. Hashtag search results are displayed and you can view images that have been posted by scrolling down the screen. Then, you will be able to see the photos that were found in your hashtag searches. Instagram bot is a very efficient tool to create more appropriate hashtags you can try.

How can I edit photos in Picuki?

1. One of the major advantages of Picuki an internet-based tool is the fact that it can edit the photos of other users directly. IG pictures online. This feature isn’t available in other IG downloaders.

2. Picuki supports you in applying filters, cropping, altering the saturation, contrast, exposure, etc. to photos directly on the internet This is very convenient. After you have adjusted the image to your liking, you can download it straight.

Alongside Picuki you could also look up other helpful IG downloaders.

You can read the story without having to log in.

By using Picuki users can stream Instagram stories without signing in.

If you’d like to view the Instagram story follow the steps listed below.

1. Access the profile page of the person you wish to know more about. Picuki.

2. Tap ” Stories” on the screen for your profile.

3. Tap the icon of the story located at the lower right on the display.

4. Now you can play Instagram stories without having to sign in.

If the video story doesn’t play Try downloading it onto your smartphone at least once.

You can also play the video by downloading the video file.

It is my hope that that you are able to understand the procedure It’s very simple and easy to utilize.

There are some questions about the Picuki tool on the internet. Let’s take a look…


Q.1 How do you make your footprints appear when checking Instagram photos on Picuki?

Most of the time, on Instagram, when you glance at a post you will see an impression.

Many people would like to view Instagram stories that do not leave footprints.

When you stream the Instagram report on Picuki there aren’t footprints.

If you’d like to know the story with no footprints, it’s safe to access it on an external website such as Picuki.

Q.2 Are you sure that Picuki is safe and legal?

Yes, using Instagram anonymously is a legal safe, secure, and easy method of taking advantage of everything that is Instagram without risking any unnecessary issues.

Q.3 What can I do to use picuki.com?

  • Look up famous people
  • View posts by celebrities
  • You can look over the comments made on the post.
  • Comment on a blog post and view the profile of a user (you can also view the person’s profile)
  • You can see the list of positive comments on the blog
  • A hashtag search is a possibility
  • The story can be seen here.

Q.4 What can I accomplish on picuki.com?

  • My profile settings
  • Create your own post
  • To comment
  • Good
  • Livestream live
  • It isn’t possible to download or view files from a private account

Q.5 Do I see the red key (private account)?

Unfortunately, you aren’t able to view any Instagram important (red) (private account) posts or stories with this tool.

There is however a technique that can help. There are YouTubers who have already discussed the trick.

Q.6 What is picuki.com free? Isn’t it not charged in some method?

It’s free. You won’t be charged for the service.

Picuki.com earns its revenue through the Google AdSense program, so it’s available to the public to use for no cost.

There isn’t any hassle with the account registration process.

Q.7 What’s the company that operates picuki.com?

I checked the official picuki website, and it appears that the company’s information isn’t available.

If you’d like to get in touch with members of the picuki.com management committee, other than making an application for deletion of images you can do this via the inquiry page that follows on the picuki.com website.


Q.8 Does Picuki anonymous?

Yes , it’s anonymous, you can look up photos and stories with no footprints.

Q.9 What is the reason Picuki isn’t working? Does it mean that the system is down?

A lot of users are experiencing problems with Picuki including loading problems editors not working, and even sites not opening. It’s due to the increased volume of traffic that they receive on their servers. To fix this issue, you need to clear the cache on your browser or the application you use.


It appears that Instagram can’t be viewed without signing in, however, when you are using a website like Picuki, it is possible to look at the uploaded photos without having to log in.

In addition, I’m pleased that I’m able to read the story and leave no footprints.

It is believed that it could be employed when you want to learn about the life of someone you are attracted to something secretly.

But, be aware that you won’t be able to view any live streams or posts on private accounts.

Be aware that, if another person has a private user account, you won’t be able to view it on external websites like Picuki.

The most notable feature that is unique to Picuki is that you are able to not just download all the images and pictures of Instagram’s public IG account however, you can also edit the images online. This feature is extremely powerful and can be downloaded with no registration or log-in, and is highly suggested.

In this article, I have gone through the steps step-by-step using pictures so that users like you will be able to understand and operate it effortlessly without difficulty. I hope that you are able to understand what it is and how you can use it. Should you ever have a query or doubts, please don’t hesitate to contact me via my comment section.

What is Picuki, and how does it work?

Picuki is a web service that lets you view and download Instagram content without needing an Instagram account. You can search for profiles, posts, and stories and interact with them.

Is Picuki affiliated with Instagram?

No, Picuki is not affiliated with Instagram. It is a third-party service that provides a different way to interact with Instagram content.

Can I download photos and videos from private Instagram accounts using Picuki?

No, Picuki only allows you to download content from public Instagram accounts. Private account content cannot be accessed.

Is Picuki free to use?

Yes, Picuki is a free service for viewing and downloading Instagram content.

Do I need to create a Picuki account to use the service?

No, you don’t need to create a Picuki account. It’s a completely anonymous service; you can use it without registration.

Are there any limitations to how many downloads or searches I can perform on Picuki?

Picuki does not impose any specific limitations on the number of searches or downloads. However, using the service responsibly and avoiding excessive or abusive usage is essential.

Can I comment or like posts on Instagram through Picuki?

No, Picuki is a viewer and downloader but does not provide the ability to interact with posts on Instagram.

Is Picuki safe to use?

Picuki is generally safe to use for viewing and downloading Instagram content. However, like any online service, It is imperative to be cautious and adhere to legal and ethical standards while conducting any activity.

What are the legal implications of using Picuki?

Using Picuki to view and download public Instagram content is generally legal if you respect copyright and privacy laws. However, be aware that Instagram’s terms of service may prohibit the use of third-party services like Picuki, so use it at your discretion.

Can I use Picuki on my mobile device?

Yes, Picuki is a web-based service; you can access it through the web browser on your mobile device.

I need help finding a specific Instagram profile or post on Picuki. What should I do?

Make sure you’ve entered the correct username or URL. If the content is from a private account, it won’t be accessible on Picuki. If you still need help finding it, it might not be available on the platform.

Does Picuki have any official apps for download?

Picuki is primarily a web service, and it does not have official mobile apps. You can access it through your mobile device’s web browser.

Can I download Instagram Reels and IGTV videos using Picuki?

Yes, you can use Picuki to download Instagram Reels and IGTV videos in addition to regular posts.

Is there a limit to the video resolution when downloading content from Picuki?

The video resolution available for download depends on the original post’s quality on Instagram. Picuki provides the highest resolution available for each video.

Can I use Picuki to download Stories from Instagram?

Yes, you can use Picuki to download Stories, including images and videos, from public Instagram accounts.

Can you search for Instagram users? It’s possible to filter results based on specific criteria, such as location. Hashtags?

Picuki allows you to search for Instagram users by their usernames. However, it doesn’t provide advanced search options like location or hashtag-based searches.

Are there any browser extensions or add-ons that enhance the functionality of Picuki?

While Picuki itself does not provide browser extensions, there are third-party browser extensions that can simplify the process of using Picuki for some users.

Can I use Picuki to schedule posts on Instagram or manage multiple Instagram accounts?

Picuki is primarily a content viewer and downloader and does not offer post-scheduling or multi-account management features.

Is Picuki compatible with all web browsers?

Picuki is designed to work with most modern web browsers. However, for the best experience, using the latest versions of popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge is recommended.

What should I do if Picuki is not working correctly or experiencing issues?

If you encounter problems while using Picuki, try refreshing the page, clearing your browser’s cache, or using a different browser. If the issue persists, you can contact their support team for assistance.

Does Picuki provide an option to simultaneously download all content from an Instagram profile?

Picuki does not have a feature to download all content from a profile in a single click. You’ll need to download each post individually.

Can I use Picuki to download content from Instagram business accounts or verified accounts?

Yes, Picuki allows you to download content from Instagram business accounts, verified accounts, and regular public accounts as long as the content is public.

Can you set up notifications for new posts from a specific Instagram user using Picuki?

Picuki does not offer a notification feature. To receive notifications for new posts from specific users, consider using Instagram’s built-in features or dedicated social media management tools.

Is Picuki available in multiple languages?

Picuki is available in multiple languages to cater to a global audience. You can change the language settings on the website.

Can I use Picuki to download content from Instagram accounts that have blocked me?

No, if an Instagram user has blocked you, you won’t be able to access their content through Picuki.

Does Picuki have a mobile app for iOS and Android devices?

Picuki is primarily a web-based service and does not have official mobile apps for iOS or Android. However, you can access it through your mobile device’s web browser.

Can you view and download live Instagram broadcasts using Picuki?

No, Picuki does not support live broadcasts on Instagram. You can only view and download static content.

How long does Picuki process and display new Instagram posts?

Picuki updates its database regularly, but the timing of when new posts appear on the platform can vary. It depends on factors such as the frequency of updates on the original Instagram account.

Can I use Picuki to view and download Instagram content anonymously?

Yes, Picuki is designed for anonymous use. You do not need to log in or provide personal information to access its features.

What should I do if I encounter an error while downloading Picuki content?

If you encounter an error, try refreshing the page, checking your internet connection, or ensuring that the Instagram content you’re trying to download is public. If the issue persists, you can contact Picuki’s support team.

Does Picuki support downloading carousel posts with multiple images?

Yes, Picuki allows you to download carousel posts with multiple images. You can choose to download individual images or the entire carousel.

Can I use Picuki to download Instagram content in bulk?

Picuki does not have a built-in feature for bulk downloading. You will need to download content one item at a time.

Is there a limit to the number of profiles I can search for on Picuki in a single session?

There is no specified limit to the number of profiles you can search for during a single session on Picuki.

Can I use Picuki on a Mac or a Windows computer?

Yes, Picuki is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers. It is a web-based service accessible through a web browser.

What kinds of media can I download from this Instagram using Picuki?

Picuki allows you to download images, videos, and user profile pictures from Instagram.

Are there any browser requirements for using Picuki?

Picuki is compatible with most modern web browsers. However, to ensure optimal performance, use an up-to-date browser.

Can I download content from Instagram on my mobile device using Picuki’s mobile website?

Yes, Picuki’s website is accessible on mobile devices, and you can use it to download Instagram content on your smartphone or tablet.

Can I search for Instagram users by their email address or phone number using Picuki?

No, Picuki’s search function is limited to usernames. It does not support searching by email or phone number.

Does Picuki provide an option to sort and filter search results, for example, by date or popularity?

Picuki does not offer advanced sorting or filtering options. It presents search results based on the relevance of the keywords you use.

Is Picuki compatible with Instagram’s latest features and updates?

Picuki’s compatibility with Instagram features may vary. It may not always support the latest updates, so be aware of this when using the service.

Can I use Picuki to download content from Instagram’s Explore page?

Picuki primarily focuses on viewing and downloading content from specific Instagram accounts. It does not support downloading content from the Explore page.

Is there an option to report inappropriate or copyright-infringing content on Picuki?

Picuki may have a reporting mechanism for inappropriate or copyright-infringing content. Check their website for guidance on reporting issues.

Can you search for archived or deleted Instagram posts using Picuki?

Picuki cannot search for archived or deleted Instagram posts.