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Microsoft 365 Apps for Business That You Should Use

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business That You Should Use

Conducting business online requires many resources, most of which are online apps, web platforms, and software. While you cannot adopt all the solutions when you are first launching the business, you are required to consistently research and understand what the business needs next to scale up and grow.

Apart from using an ASP.NET ecommerce platform with useful native features, you can try the integrations with Microsoft 365 apps for business and pick ones that will meet your current and future needs.


With that in mind, it is crucial to know the popular apps in Microsoft 365 for business, their functions, and how they can help an online business thrive and grow.

Office 365 Alerts App

All Microsoft 365 apps for business are useful in an ecommerce setup. But if you have to select some among them, do not miss the Office 365 Alerts app. It is not only useful to internal SharePoint users but also to external ones as well such as regular customers and suppliers. It is designed to send customized alerts to listed members for various events such as an event booked in the calendar, new items added to the marketplace, and other events of the business. It is synchronized with emails to make these alerts convenient.

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business: Calendar and Event Management

Keeping tabs on the calendar and events is a great online business management strategy. SharePoint has now made it possible to group, import, merge, and manipulate calendars in many ways so your business can run smoothly. Among all Microsoft 365 apps for business, the Calendar app is the most popular, especially in managing deliveries in an online business. Fortunately, it is integrated with popular ecommerce platforms.

Kanban Board App

An online business with teams of employees who fulfill various tasks such as processing orders, making deliveries, and managing suppliers will ultimately require some form of task management solution. The Kanban Board app on SharePoint is an effective team task management and collaboration tool that utilizes boards and a to-do list so that the team does not miss anything important. If you are looking for useful Microsoft 365 apps for business, do not skip this one.

Office 365 Bulk File Uploader

In ecommerce, uploading files on a daily basis is inevitable. Therefore, an easy way to accomplish this is crucial. SharePoint users are lucky to have a bulk file uploader as one of the Microsoft 365 apps for business. With this, employees can attach multiple files and documents or upload bulk files in the library. It is considered more useful for larger B2B enterprises with a lot of files and documents to archive.

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business: Resource Manager App

Whether it is a retail SMB or a large B2B online shop, there is a need to have a resource manager app. It is one of the solutions in the Microsoft 365 apps for business suite, and adopting it will help you distribute resources to the employees, suppliers, and customers. It is synced with the data source platform for ease of use.

If you utilize all the mentioned Microsoft 365 apps for business, ecommerce operations will be very easy for you. However, this is not an entire list of all the available apps. You can go through a comprehensive list if you need other apps to boost your business.