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3 Accessorizing Hacks to Make Sure You Choose the Right Items for You


Accessorizing is about choosing the right balance of items that speak to your personal style and also those which work well with your outfit. Some people may choose to wear lots of different accessories, while others may prefer a more simplistic approach. Accessorizing is a key chance to show off your own style further or even explore a new look you want to try. 

If you’ve been feeling that your outfits have been missing something lately, or maybe you’re just looking to try new accessories, here are three helpful hacks on how to do it right. 


Why Accessorize?

Accessories help to keep your wardrobe alive. You can change the look and feel of any outfit with the right accessory, meaning many different ways to wear one look. With this in mind, accessories can also save you money on buying new clothes. Instead, change the look of an existing outfit with the right accessory. As it’s a personal expression, you can show off your tastes and personal style with well-chosen accessories.

Plus, you can help the environment. Accessories can transform any outfit and help you to make the most of your existing wardrobe. Instead of throwing out and buying new, you’re also helping to reduce clothing waste. The best thing is that you can switch from casual to formal easily. Simple outfits can become more formal with an expensive pair of earrings or necklace, for example, meaning perfect for versatility. 

3 Top Accessorizing Hacks 

  1. Match New Accessories to the Shape of Your Existing Clothes 

Take a look at the style of clothes that predominantly fill your wardrobe. Do you only ever wear high-neck tops or long-sleeved tops? Certain accessories will work best with certain styles. Bracelets may not be the best choice if they’re to be covered by long-sleeved tops, and necklaces can work better with low-cut tops. Furthermore, certain necklace lengths will work differently with different top cuts. 

  1. Find Your Ideal Jeweler 

It’s a good idea to find a jeweler who provides all the different accessories in your particular style. It will then make it easier to have a one-stop shop for all accessories when you need them and know that they’re in your perfect style. Jewelers like Page Sargisson offer unique pieces in a variety of colors, so a good option if you’re a lover of the more one-of-a-kind and rainbow-colored jewels. Or, you may want to find a jeweler who specializes in minimalist jewelry only — anything which speaks to your personal style. 

  1. Try for a Signature Accessory

This is a dependable option because you can choose one piece of jewelry or another accessory that you know always makes you feel great, no matter the outfit or occasion. A signature piece will work well to spice up any outfit, and also be a key example of your own personal style. It could be a statement necklace, ready for any outfit, or a particular pair of shoes you love. 

These are three great starting hacks if you’re new to accessorizing and want to find your own personal style and comfort levels when it comes to accessories.