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Key things worth knowing about assisted living facilities

Key things worth knowing about assisted living facilities

Assisted living is simply a residential care facility that offers a variety of services. Standards for assisted living facilities tend to vary but can include a small board-and-care home that has one or two residents, professionally-run small group home, and large corporate facility with hundreds of residents. An assisted living facility is designed for older individuals who can no longer manage to live independently and require assistance with daily activities like bathing or dressing. 

In most cases, residents in assisted living places may give a little bit of assistance while maximizing their independence. Remember that an assisted living facility often offers residents their rooms or apartments or common areas. This article discusses the key things worth knowing about assisted living facilities. 


Understanding assisted living

As explained earlier, assisted living is a residential option available for older people who need help with some of their activities, such as cooking meals, keeping house, getting to the bathroom during the night, and traveling to appointments. Assisted living facilities can be a great option if you want more personal care services that you can have at your home or in a retirement community or an independent living, though you don’t get the round-the-clock supervision or medical care you can get at a nursing home.

Also, an assisted living facility provides security of 24-hour support as well as access to care. This means that you can receive help day or night by simply making a call. And, independence and privacy are encouraged. A reputable assisted living facility can offer a personalized plan that may accommodate your disabilities and meet your needs while offering you the freedom to do any activity you can for yourself. 

In other words, an assisted living facility can be a converted home or apartment complex or renovated school. There are some who offer apartment-style living that has a scaled down kitchen while others offer just a bedroom. In some cases, you may have to share a room with another person unless you are ready to pay more money. Most facilities tend to have a group dining space and common areas for recreational and social activities. 

Regardless of your situation, it can be hard to decide whether or not to leave your home. Therefore, you need to take enough time to explore your options and understand your needs. In this way, you can make a decision that makes sure that your senior years are fulfilling and happy. 

Keep in mind that assisted living is also known for its other names. This includes board and care, residential care, adult care home, congregate care, sheltered housing, alternative care facility, adult care home, extra-care housing, and many more. 

There are also various services that are common with many assisted living facilities. These include three meals a day that are served in common dining spaces, housekeeping services, and assistance with bathing, eating, and walking. The facility can also help with transportation, round-the-clock security, access to medical and health services, medication management, laundry services, and many more.  

Choosing an assisted living facility

If you are figuring out whether or not an assisted living facility is right for you, you need to assess your situation. You can determine whether you require getting more assistance than friends and family members can provide. Sometimes, the routine activities of daily living can become overwhelming or stressful, and if in-home or family help cannot bridge the gap, then assisted living is the right choice for you. 

If you feel isolated or lonely at home, you should also try assisted living. It’s crucial for your happiness and health to have an active social life. Being alone most of the time can lead to depression in older people. The social aspect that comes with assisted living can benefit you. A good assisted living facility provides a wide range of recreational and social activities. And, the community environment can also give you the chance to make new friends. 

You should also consider assisted living if you have concerns about your safety. For example, limited mobility can make it hard to get out of your bed by yourself. Also, you may be worried of what can happen if you fell and failed to get up, or face another problem and failed to get help. 

There are also many responsibilities that you need to handle while living in your home. An assisted living facility can offer a home-like environment, without the work of cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, shopping for groceries, and many more.

Perhaps, you are experiencing problems driving your car or can no longer drive your car. If public transportation is not convenient and easy for you, then you can increasingly become housebound. An assisted living facility provides transportation, meaning you can go anywhere you want without having to rely on your family members or friends. 

You should note that it can be hard to tell whether your parents or your loved one needs more help. But there are some warning signs that can indicate that you need to consider assisted living.    

One of the signs is when the refrigerator is empty or even filled with spoiled food, leading to your loved one losing weight. This can mean that they are not eating properly because cooking or shopping is difficult for them.

If you notice that your loved one keeps on wearing the same clothes or neglects their personal hygiene, then it can be another warning sign. This can show that it is physically challenging to do bathing or laundry. 

Other warning signs include frequent bruises, though your loved one can attempt to cover them up. This can indicate that they are having balance or mobility problems or it can be a sign of falling. 

In conclusion, when you decide to choose an assisted living facility, make sure that it feels comfortable, safe, and friendly to you. The facility also needs to be well maintained and clean, but don’t focus on surface appeal like gourmet meals and designer furnishings. Instead, the facility that can be suitable for you may not be expensive or fancy. The truth is that the right assisted living facility needs to be the one where you can feel most at home.