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Jobs for Those Who Enjoy the Outdoors 

Jobs for Those Who Enjoy the Outdoors

Do you love spending time outdoors? If so, you might want to think about a career that would allow you to spend time outside as opposed to being cooped up inside an office or at home. There are many great careers that would allow you to spend time outside – keep reading for a few ideas.



If you also have a passion for history then a career as an archeologist could be perfect for you. This is a role that involves unearthing and examining artefacts whether this is ancient animal bones, organisms or pre-historic tools. It is a job that involves spending a lot of time outside on excavation projects, which will also be hugely exciting to work on.


Landscaping is a role that will appeal to anyone that enjoys spending time outside and has a passion for gardening. It will involve designing and maintaining green spaces such as gardens whether this is a private residential garden, community space or commercial properties. Landscapers will spend the majority of their time outside maintaining these spaces, including tasks such as using a battery leaf blower to keep the space free from debris

Environmental Engineer

An environmental engineer plays the hugely important role of protecting the environment from waste and pollution, which is an issue that will only become more serious in the years to come. If you are passionate about protecting the planet, this could be a rewarding career that will help you to make a positive difference in the world. It involves designing technologies and processes that will prevent and control pollution and clean up contamination and will require a degree in engineering.


Botanists have a very interesting role in the study of plants. This could be to study the nature of different plants so that conservation can take place as well as studying them to see what medicinal purposes they have just as a few examples. This can involve studying plants both in their natural habitat as well as in laboratories. You can study a degree in botany to find work in this field or you may also be able to find work with a degree from a related field, such as environmental science.

These are just a few examples of jobs that would allow you to spend time outside. There are many great, important and rewarding jobs that allow you to spend time outside in nature and often you will be playing an important role in protecting nature and the planet as a whole. If you are someone that hates working in an office or at home, you might find these careers worth exploring and any of these roles could allow you to enjoy a rewarding career that allows you to spend most of your time outside.