Home Advisor Is Timeshare Compliance a Legit Company?

Is Timeshare Compliance a Legit Company?

Is Timeshare Compliance a Legit Company

Timeshare exit companies help clients get out of their timeshare contracts and obligations. Typically, they will have a team of lawyers look into your case. The cost of services depends upon the case’s time, nature, and result.  

The time spent by timeshare exit companies in the market shows their importance and appeal to the owners of timeshares.  


Timeshare exit companies help get timeshare owners out of their contract without trouble. But unfortunately, they often paint timeshares as a scam when in reality, many exit companies are doing the scams themselves.   

Many companies are out there in the timeshare exit market. One of them is Timeshare Compliance. But, first, let us discuss whether Timeshare Compliance is a legit company, so keep on reading this post to know more.  

About Timeshare Compliance   

Timeshare Compliance has been providing services in this sector since 2012. They work with timeshare owners who want to get out of their obligations without any trouble with the court. They are one of the top timeshare exit companies right now. Their expertise and dedication in the business have helped clients achieve desired results, improving their financial well-being.  

They have many contacts and partnerships with many law firms and various agencies. As a result, they know how to complete the entire timeshare process without difficulty.   

Timeshare Compliance has currently employed 27 timeshare exit specialists. They also partner with many law firms and financing agencies in their team of experts.   

How Timeshare Compliance Works  

Timeshare Compliance has listed a four-step process to help clients deal with timeshare exit.  


In the first step of the process, timeshare compliance specialists will review your case so they can help you with your case and then provide their services regarding the case.   


After reviewing the case, timeshare service specialists will prepare options for the clients to choose the option suitable for their budget. 


The next step after reviewing and preparing your case will be the presentation of the case by the client representative to get the client out of his timeshare contact.  


The last step in the process will be getting the client out of his contract and freeing all of his timeshare liabilities.  

After discussing how Timeshare compliance works, let’s now discuss the pros and cons of the company.  


  • Timeshare Compliance offers various financing options to help consumers with their financial problems. Owners getting out of their contract should not feel bankruptcy is their only option.  
  • Timeshare Compliance can also provide its services outside of America.  
  • They also offer an escrow option which is beneficial for clients. Timeshare Compliance has partnered with Escrow.com, which is a big plus. The money is deposited in a protected escrow account till the time the company solves your case.  
  • Timeshare Compliance work with your attorney to help cancel your contract. This process can be completed at a very rapid speed with the help of attorneys.  


  • You must have purchased the timeshare and should be the real owner, not like you have purchased it in resale or inherited it from the real owner.  
  • You must pay your timeshare property fees; otherwise, failing payment will lead to problems.  
  • You can download the checklist from timeshare exiting; however, the link will not be accessible and will not work either.  


Timeshare Compliance has mostly positive online reviews, making it a reliable and credible company. For example, Timeshare Compliance is rated highly by the Better Business Bureau with positive ratings and positive reviews.  

Summing up  After discussing every point about Timeshare Compliance, the final question arises Is timeshare compliance a legit company? They are a reputable firm indulging in moral ethics and activities. Timeshare Compliance is a top timeshare exit company. In addition, they have a great team of experts that will help you in your case. They have maintained goodwill in the market since its inception and will keep growing in the future.