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Is it time for you to own a motorcycle?

Is it time for you to own a motorcycle

Have you ever considered owning a motorcycle? Maybe you are getting older and you want a new road experience to enjoy after owning regular vehicles for your entire life. Or maybe you want to save money on overall maintenance costs and are seeking an alternative. Or you just love the idea of hitting the road for the fun of it on a sunny day.

Whatever your inspiration for buying a motorcycle may be, it is very different from driving a car. Leaning with the turns, being harder to spot, and weather-dependent riding can be a big change from what you are used to. 


Let’s take a look at some of the factors you should consider before deciding to own a motorcycle.

You can save money

If you are looking to cut costs while still being able to get from point a to point b, a motorcycle could be the answer. They are generally much cheaper than your average car, and maintenance is also typically less expensive. Motorcycles are also extremely fuel-efficient, with much less weight being propelled by the amount of gas needed, so they can achieve a much higher mpg. Insurance is another area where you can save money, as most motorcycle insurance coverage has lower premiums. Overall, you can save a ton of money choosing a motorcycle over a car.

Easier to understand and fix yourself

Because motorcycles have fewer overall parts, there are fewer things that can go wrong. Additionally, the various systems in the motorcycle are more accessible, so you can readily learn about how to fix the bike yourself. While a car has many unreachable areas without taking apart a lot of the structure, making it simpler to just bring it into the shop to address an issue, a motorcycle is set up to be more repairable. If you do have to bring it in, the bill will likely be lower than it would for a car or truck.

Can be more dangerous

Since a motorcycle is much smaller than even the tiniest cars, they can be harder to see on the road. You will be in other vehicles’ blind spots for longer and could be completely blocked from view in some cases where a regular vehicle would be visible. This makes it easier for other drivers to bump or hit motorcyclists on the road. In the event of an accident, you can always get in contact with injury lawyers like rosenfeldinjurylawyers.com/motorcycle-accidents.html. Additionally, since you are completely exposed on a motorcycle, the potential for injuries is very high when compared to a regular vehicle. Accidents are more likely to result in serious injuries for a motorcyclist due to almost no protection.

A whole new road experience

A car can never replicate the feeling of riding a motorcycle. You can really experience the turns and feel of the road itself on a bike, having to lean with the turns, feeling the bumps more directly, and the rush of wind as you ride. Going for a joyride on a nice day is far more satisfying with a motorcycle. They are just more interesting and fun in general to own. Even motorcycle video games can feel more immersive than car racing games.   

Weather dependent

Obviously, due to the structure of a motorcycle, there are certain weather conditions in which they should not be ridden, or they must be ridden with extreme caution. Motorcycles are very susceptible to hydroplaning on wet roads, and if you live in snowy climates it can be even more dangerous. Not to mention, you are completely exposed to the elements, so you will likely be uncomfortable on top of the inherent risks.

What is the verdict?

We have weighed some of the pros of owning a motorcycle with some of the cons. They can be cheaper, easier to maintain, and give you a more enjoyable experience on the road. However, they are also more dangerous for the rider and cannot be used in every driving circumstance. No matter the stage of life you are in, choosing to purchase a motorcycle will change the way you think about the road.

Since motorcycles are so different from cars, they require additional certification and have a specific license to operate on the road. You have to wear certain equipment when riding, like a helmet or leather clothing. You also miss out on almost all cargo space, meaning there is very little potential for transporting anything more than yourself and maybe a passenger. But the joy you can experience while riding could make it all worth it. 

So, is it time for your first motorcycle?