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Is BA a wise career option for you?

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If you are an aspiring civil servant, public administrator, lawyer or journalist, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree is absolutely worth it. The BA degree opens doors to a wide range of employment opportunities in a variety of fields. This three-year bachelor’s degree is awarded to students on their successful completion of the undergraduate programme in the arts stream. 

Whether you pursue a general BA programme or specialise in a subject like English, Sociology, Journalism and Mass Communication, Philosophy, Law, Psychology, History, Political Science or Physical Education, the degree will boost your career prospects. This blog is a step-by-step guide for students considering BA admission in 2021


Several colleges and universities across India offer BA programmes in various combinations. However, Uttarakhand’s Dehradun has become a hot favourite among students considering BA admission in 2021. Wondering why? Top-ranked universities in Dehradun provide tailor-made combinations for students interested in a career in civil or administrative services at local or national levels. Apart from this, students also have the option to specialise in a variety of trending subjects, such as Energy Economics, Financial Economics, Social Media, Media Management, Public Policy, Digital Publishing, Search Engine Optimisation, Digital Content Creation, Artificial Intelligence, Project Management, etc.

Is a Bachelor of Arts a good career option?

As a Bachelor of Arts broadens academic knowledge and provides students with several desirable skills, it is definitely a wise move within higher education. The degree is considered a reliable step towards a promising career. With a Bachelor of Arts degree, students can find employment opportunities across a variety of humanities and art domains, including Journalism, Law, Public Administration, PR Management, and Media Studies.

Career prospects after BA degree

BA graduates can work in a spectrum of industries or can pursue higher studies in their preferred fields. The most popular career options after BA are listed in this blog. 

  1. IAS personnel
  2. Government policy advisors
  3. Content writers
  4. Economy policy advisors
  5. Financial advisors
  6. Policy advisors
  7. Brand consultants
  8. Media marketing managers
  9. Digital marketing heads
  10. Administrative managers
  11. Journalists
  12. News Casters
  13. Financial advisors
  14. Online publication managers

Entry requirements for BA admission 2021

Getting into a university to pursue a BA course is an arduous task. So, check out admission requirements to enrol in a BA programme.

  1. Students must have completed their 10+2 from a recognised board/university.
  2. They must have scored a minimum of 50% marks in classes X and XII.
  3. They must appear for a personal interview after qualifying for the entrance examinations.

Please note that students can also enrol in the course based on merit for BA admissions in 2021. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for the course online at the university of your choice. You need to attach photographs when applying online. Once your application gets shortlisted, the admissions team will contact you for a personal interview. You can explore universities in Dehradun for a rewarding career ahead!