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The editorial mission is to enlighten the Early Newspaper audience about science, in terms of both pure science news and the intersection of science and business, whether that’s research-oriented startups or interesting science coming from the R&D facilities of major universities. Trending Topics: • Space: Early Newspaper readers are interested in general astronomy topics, but we also cover the intersection of space and commerce, particularly rocket startups like SpaceX, Blue Origin or Vector, and the growing satellite startup market. • Robots and AI: There’s a lot happening in the world of robotics and artificial intelligence, both in the lab and as applied to business. • Environment and Weather: Stories about major weather events and the environment are topics that always do well in Early Newspaper. Looking ahead, we expect to be also focusing on the startups moving into green areas as well as the burgeoning market in private weather data collection, from satellites to on the ground sensors to apps. Interesting Contributors: • Dr. Marshall Shepherd: Dr. Shepherd is the director of the University of Georgia’s atmospheric sciences programs and is also the host of Weather Channel’s talk show ‘Weather Geeks.’ • Dr. Kristina Killgrove: Dr. Killgrove is a bioarchaeologist who focuses on the Roman Empire, and a professor at the University of West Florida, and a research scholar at the Ronin Institute. Her public outreach at Early Newspaper has helped to earn her awards from the Society for American Archaeology and the American Anthropological Association. • Dr. Ethan Siegel: Dr. Siegel is an astrophysicist and science communicator. He’s the author of several science books, a former columnist at NASA, and teaches at Lewis and Clark College. Early Newspaper is a leading source for Breaking News and World news updated analysis on the Science. As a result, Read the breaking Science coverage and Latest News on
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