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‘I spent £2,000 on a pink bedroom for my diva micro pig and we dress in matching Burberry’

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Savannah Harding, 20, from Cleadon, South Tyneside, loves to spoil Peaches the pig. In her own words, she tells OK! about the lifestyle she provides for her beloved pet…

There’s nothing my pig Peaches loves more than snuggling up in her bed with her pink fluffy blankets and pig-themed pillows. Designing her bedroom cost me £2,000 but Peaches is definitely worth it.

When I call out, “Time for bed, Peaches!” she trots in from the garden, ready for her porridge with bananas and blueberries, which she always has before bed.

Around 10pm, I’ll say, “Lie down, Peaches,” and she gets onto her comfy mattress, lying under the blankets with just her little snout poking out.

Savannah and Peaches

Savannah adores her pet pig Peaches

I rub her tummy for her, which she loves, then I tuck her in, give her a kiss, turn out the lights and she sleeps until morning. Peaches is the sweetest,most intelligent little pig and I couldn’t love her more. She’s like my child and I just couldn’t imagine life without her.

I’ve always been mad about pigs. All my toys were pigs and I had pig posters on my wall. Most weekends, I’d put on my pink pig-eared hairband and Mum would take me to the farm to see the pigs. I found them fascinating. We’ve always been a family who loves animals and have horses, dogs and tortoises at home, but I always wanted a pig.

When I saw pictures of Paris Hilton with her miniature pig, I showed them to my parents and eventually they agreed I could get one. Just under two years ago, when I was 18, I found a place in Wales that bred Vietnamese pot-bellied piglets, and Mum and I travelled for 10 hours to collect Peaches.

Savannah has spent thousands of pounds on outfits for her pet

Savannah has spent thousands of pounds on outfits for her pet

As soon as I saw her, I fell in love. She was only eight weeks old and adorable, the cutest thing I’d ever seen. She soon fitted in at home, delighting the whole family with her sunny personality and love of cuddles. She’d dash around the garden with our miniature dachshund Woody and bark like a dog when she was excited.

When she was little, I took her for strolls in a pink pushchair and she’d lie down, looking around at the scenery. Some people got a shock when they looked inside, expecting to see a baby!

Sometimes, I’d take Peaches for a drive to the seafront, although not for a walk, as you actually need a license to walk a pig.

When Peaches was a little piglet she was taken out in her own special pink buggy

When Peaches was a little piglet she was taken out in her own special pink buggy

As she got bigger, I converted half the garage into a bedroom for her, adding insulation and a stable door. I painted the room pink and decorated it with a mural of a pig in a tiara and a large canvas photo of Peaches. I added pig-themed cuddly toys, cushions, throws and her own wardrobe.

For her first birthday last year, I threw Peaches a party and friends brought her presents of toys and food treats, which she loved tearing open. I made her a cake from banana, peanut butter and her favourite Cheerios.

I also bought a sewing machine and made her a pink and yellow birthday dress. She used to wear clothes made for dogs but her shape has changed so I make them now. I like a bit of bling so I’ll often add sequins.

Savannah posing with Peaches the pig

Savannah posing with Peaches the pig

Whenever she wears a new outfit, she struts around like a diva. She has around 20 outfits now – more than I own! But it makes me happy to spend my money on Peaches.

Her most important item of clothing is her Burberry coat. If it’s raining or cold, she screams and refuses to go out unless she has her coat on. Sometimes, we go out wearing our matching Burberry outfits – Peaches in her coat or her red tutu with a ribbon, and me in my matching skirt, shirt, trainers and bag.

When I take Peaches out, people stop me to ask questions and take photos. She’s so friendly and loves meeting new people, wagging her tail and making little grunts to say hi. I’ve started a TikTok account for her now and she has almost 30,000 followers. People love seeing videos of her.

Peaches the pig even has her own Burberry coat

Peaches the pig even has her own Burberry coat

It means so much to me when people comment that seeing Peaches has made them give up pork. I’ve never eaten pork because of my love of pigs but since getting Peaches, I’ve turned vegetarian, as have the rest of the family. They all love Peaches too. Pigs are such misunderstood animals. People don’t realise that they’re naturally very clean. Peaches always does her toilet business in the same spot under a tree in the corner of the garden.

They’re so intelligent, too. Peaches does tricks like a dog. I wish more pigs could have a happy life like Peaches. You need a decent-sized garden to have a pig. She needs space to root around and dig. She has her own paddling pool, which she loves to splash about in.

Savannah even throws birthday parties for her pet pig

Savannah even throws birthday parties for her pet pig

I’ve been giving her baths outside but I’m not sure what I’ll do in winter as she’s too heavy to carry upstairs to the bathroom now. I might have to get a stairlift to move her.

Since getting Peaches, I’ve never spent a night apart from her, which is a bit of a worry as I may be going to university next year. I’ll work something out though, as I could never leave her behind. Her life expectancy is 15 to 20 years, and she’ll always have a home with me.

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‘I spent £2,000 on a pink bedroom for my diva micro pig and we dress in matching Burberry’