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How to write a college admission essay


The purpose of the term essay is what the research is for. To determine the purpose of the term essay correctly, you need to familiarize yourself with the topic of the essay. As a rule, the topic is known in advance and already contains hints about what the purpose of the research will be.

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A term essay is a voluminous assignment that is given individually to each student and contains theoretical and practical parts.

One of the most important elements of the term essay is the introduction, which implies the presence of a correct, competently constructed purpose. Today we will talk about how to determine the purpose of the term essay.

H2-How to Write the Purpose of a Term Essay

The purpose of the term essay directly affects the construction of the tasks and the writing of the entire essay.

The goal is the result that you are striving for. It solves the problems posed in the introduction. You can formulate the goal as a process or as an action. It should begin with words like these:

  • The goal is to analyze the indicators.
  • Identify.
  • Determine the degree of impact.
  • That is, you must be clear about what you want to achieve with your research.

The student must formulate the purpose of the term essay independently, starting from the topic of the work and the relevance of the research. Note that if the term essay is related to the study of theoretical material, then the aim must include the study of different sources and the analysis of the positions of different authors.

If the term essay is designed for practical problem-solving, then you need to focus on your own thoughts, set a goal to solve tasks using certain methods.

Often coursework includes both theoretical and practical part. In this case, there may be several goals, but they must be justified.

Setting the goal of the term essay is an important task, because it depends on it, in what direction you will move and on what methods to rely on when researching.

H2-Examples of term essay objectives

To make it easier for you to compose a competent goal, study the examples of goals suggested by us, and based on them write your own.

  • For example, the topic of the term essay: “Characteristics of the Internet. In this case, the goal would be as follows: “Characterization of the concept of “Internet” and the study of the principles of the World Wide Web.
  • The objectives of the term essay in economics on the topic: “Inflation in times of economic instability” can be formulated as follows: “The study of the concept of inflation. The analysis of inflation as a socio-economic process in times of instability.”
  • If the term essay in psychology is written on the topic: “Psychological development of preschool children”, the goal can be formulated as follows: “The study of the influence of various factors on the psychological development of preschool children.
  • The purpose of the term essay on the topic: “The Creativity of A.S. Pushkin” is the following wording: “The study of the most famous works of A.S. Pushkin and their analysis from a literary point of view”.
  • In the purpose of writing a term essay, the student chooses their own, to later select the appropriate literature and write the correct conclusions.

H2-The objectives of the term essay

The objectives of the term essay are made on the basis of the content. They are needed to facilitate the process of achieving the goal. That is, you make a plan, on which you will go during the research process.

The goals and objectives are closely related to each other. There can be a lot of objectives, depending on the scope of your research and what goals you are going to achieve. Each objective you set for yourself should bring you closer to achieving your goal.

Properly formulating your objectives means describing the steps you have to take before you reach your goal and to achieve it.

H2-Examples of tasks for term essays

Let’s take as a basis the already given topics, thus, the task of a term essay on “Characteristics of the Internet” can be formulated as follows:

  • To disclose the concept of “World Wide Web”.
  • To clarify the advantages of using the Internet.
  • To clarify the disadvantages of the Internet.
  • Identify the principle by which the Internet works.

Objectives of the term essay on “Inflation in times of economic instability”:

  • To identify the causes of inflation.
  • To outline the features of inflation as a macroeconomic process in the periods of the 20th century.
  • To analyze the features of the modern process of inflation.

The objectives of the term essay “Psychological development of preschool children” can be called:

  • To analyze the psychological state of preschool children living in different living conditions.
  • To find out the causes of psychological deviations in children.
  • To outline the peculiarities of children’s psychological state.
  • To study methods for the development of preschool children.

In the term essay on the theme “The Creativity of A.S. Pushkin”, it is possible to allocate such tasks:

  • To study the most famous works of the author.
  • To analyze the biography of the author.
  • To study the opinion of critics about the poet’s work.

Tasks can be very many, it all depends on your desire, the amount of research and the goal you set. Formulate them correctly, and you will have in front of you a plan of your actions, which will simplify the course of research.