Home Advisor How to Increase the Value Of House?

How to Increase the Value Of House?

How to Increase the Value Of House.

Are you looking for ways to increase the value of your house? Then you have landed in the right place! You have to upscale and renovate certain parts of your home, and you are good to go. But you shouldn’t just upgrade random parts of your home. Certain key aspects can fetch a better value than others. Improving your curb and adding eco-friendly furniture bought with a Wayfair gift card are some of the most useful ways to increase your home value.

Wish to know more? Then read on as we explain the seven best ways to increase the value of your house. Let’s get started!


5 Ways To Increase the Value of Your House

Make It More Appealing 

First, make sure your curb looks appealing enough. After all, that is the first thing that your buyer will notice when they walk into your home. So make sure you hire a professional cleaner to clean the curb. You can also replace the tiles on your driveway to make it look better.

Next, you can consider landscaping to improve the value of your house. Your house might be looking a little dull compared to your neighbors. And the only way to fix that is to landscape the exterior. You can make a small garden, plant a few flower pots, or repaint your front door!

Now improving the appeal of your house is not just constricted to your exterior. It would help to focus on the house interior, especially your bathroom and kitchen. According to most real estate agents, if these two spaces look outdated, the valuation of your house can fall drastically. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to change everything. Just make sure to remodel the essentials like replacing the old sink or getting a functional countertop, and that’s it.

Make It More Efficient 

When your home becomes more energy-efficient, it can substantially drive up your home’s process. The amount of increase depends on your home’s location, but you can get a better price wherever you are. 

So you can install efficient appliances like LED lighting, enhanced attic insulation, or double-paned windows in your home. These features will appear to the energy-conscious generation, making them more than willing to pay a little more for your house. 

If you wish to make bigger adjustments, you can put solar panels on your roof. Several studies have established that having solar panels has increased the value of your home. So you can schedule an appointment with your utility company or a reliable energy auditor and look for new upgrades. 

Ensure It Is Low-Maintenance 

Most home buyers are scared that they will have to spend a lot on maintenance once they buy the house. And if you address those worries and get them fixed beforehand, you can make your house much more valuable in the eyes of your buyer!

So you can start with minor yet helpful renovations. You can fix the roof, the water heater, or the furnace to ensure that future owners do not have to incur these expenses themselves. Also, these renovations will guarantee that the next owners can easily clean and maintain their homes. 

You can also consider getting vinyl siding instead of high-maintenance wood ones. You can also replace the carpets with hardwood floors to make them more sustainable. These improvements will make everything much easier to maintain, increasing the value of your home.

Invest In A Smart Home 

According to most studies, buyers are now more likely to buy smart homes than normal homes. It refers to adding safety-enhancing gadgets to your home. These gadgets can refer to smart lighting, door locks, security cameras, carbon monoxide detectors, fire detectors, thermostats, etc. 

Smart tech can improve both your home appeal and value. While some customers might not be familiar with these gadgets, tech lovers will surely love these additions. What’s more, they will also pay more for it! So if you don’t feel like including a new roof or landscaping your home, consider adding smart gadgets. Talk to your home designer and get some useful yet affordable smart devices for your home. 

Make It Bigger

Lastly, your price will go up considerably when you have a bigger house. If the area of your home is bigger, it will fetch more money – similar to upgrades in style and looks. So we suggest adding some space to your home. You can create additional living spaces like small storage spaces and more. 


Now you know everything about increasing the value of your house! These tips mentioned above will ensure that you do not overspend while trying to upgrade your home. So what are you waiting for? Start repairing and upscaling your home slowly and watch your house value escalate with time. All the best!