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How to Fix Invalid SIM Issue?

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The SIM card is the brain of a mobile device.” It is a chip that makes the device to initiate and receive phone calls, as well as receive and send text messages and links to a mobile phone network. Your device’s key features are lost when it has an outdated SIM card. 

This is why it’s critical to learn how and when to troubleshoot SIM card problems on your own if you have unlimited data SIM only. The methods range from basic to complex, but this guide will teach you the most convenient options.


There are different causes for why a SIM card becomes invalid and the mobile device is unable to recognize it. There could be an issue with SIM cards directly. It’s possible that the chip is damaged or that it’s not properly seated in its designated slot. 

Furthermore, there could be problems with the hardware. The SIM card-reading component of your device, for example, is broken.

It’s possible to get an invalid SIM card or a no SIM error at any time. It happens whether you’re using an Android or iOS device. When your phone displays the “invalid SIM card,” “no SIM card,” or “SIM card not detected” alerts, you’ll know there’s a problem.

Additionally, there may be software issues. For instance, your device may be running an outdated form of Android or iOS, or it may have malfunctioning apps. Finally, your phone may not be web, which explains why it won’t function with different SIM cards. 

You won’t be able to fix the exact problem right away because it will be determined by which solution works.

How can you fix the problem of invalid SIM?

The invalid SIM card problem for unlimited data SIM only or any other plans can be solved in a variety of ways. You have the option of choosing your preferred method. In most circumstances, you’ll have to attempt a few different solutions. 

As a result, there have previously included every known remedy that works, which are all pretty similar solutions for when the phone doesn’t recognize your USB or doesn’t read the SD card. For both Android and iOS, the methods are detailed.

  • Insert the SIM again

The SIM card error issue could be to remove and replace the SIM card. It will work if the invalid SIM card issue is caused by a misalignment. When withdrawing and re-inserting the SIM card, be careful not to scratch it. If this occurs, the problem may worsen.

  • Restart

Unlike in the past, there’s no need to smack an unresponsive device to get it to operate; all you may need to do is turn it off and on immediately. Minor issues, such as SIM troubles, slowness, and crashes, can be resolved by restarting your device. 

Rebooting has advantages. It pauses operating apps and clears the RAM, which is the temporary store for data of running programs. As an outcome, your gadget is restored to a “fresh” state after being overwhelmed with data.You may save money and time by learning how to diagnose or solve the invalid SIM card or even no SIM problem on iOS or Android phones having unlimited data SIM only. It seems that there is no more a pressing need to buy a new SIM card or smartphone and wait for repairs at a service facility.