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How to Ensure That Your Pets are Safe & Warm This Winter

How to Ensure That Your Pets are Safe & Warm This Winter

If you are the proud owner of a precious pooch, pair of rabbits, a budgie or two, or another much-loved furry or feathered pet, then it can often be difficult when you are trying to ensure that all of their fundamental needs are being taken care of.

Unfortunately, unless you are lucky enough to possess the skills of the sadly fictional Dr. Dolittle, looking after your pets properly essentially comes down to prior experience, research, and following your instincts.


The winter months can be a dangerous time for some animals, especially domesticated pets, so, with that being said, here is a guide on how to ensure that your pets are safe and warm this winter. 

Limit the Amount of Outdoor Time

If you have a dog (unless it is too treacherous for you or your dog to even step outside), you still need to take them for a long and energetic walk. If it is snowing, make sure that you walk quickly and check for snow between their toes when you return. Then, wrap them up in warm blankets until they are dry.

It is incredibly dangerous for bunny rabbits, even those used to living outside hutches and runs, to live outside in extreme winter weather. Therefore, you should bring them inside for the duration. For cats, you should ensure that they are tagged and chipped, so you can check on their movements and that they seem to be always moving and sheltering if they are allowed out of the house. 

Additionally, always be sure to check underneath your car when you are leaving your driveway, as cats love to sleep there due to the heat emanating from the engine. 

Invest in a New Fireplace

Not only will the purchase of a beautiful and functional fireplace and its installation in your family room be one of the best things you can do for your animals and birds, but it will also make you feel cozier and your home more inviting.

Keeping your fire on a low heat will ensure that both you and your animals are neither too hot nor too cold and will also warm the floor, which will benefit smaller animals. Check out fireplace shops in London for a fantastic and wide-ranging array of beautiful fireplaces to suit any room and any budget.

Make Indoors Feel Like Outdoors

Another key way to make sure that your pets are safe, warm, and happy during the extreme weather experienced in some places throughout winter is to create a playful utopia inside your home instead.

Invest in some colorful and exciting new toys, be sure to clean litter trays out every single day, and ensure that your animals or birds are not only physically stimulated consistently but also emotionally stimulated as well. 

It is a heartbreaking fact that many animals and birds lose their lives to too-cold temperatures, especially in areas where the winter weather is particularly harsh. So make sure to look after your beloved pets.