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How to Create the Ideal Office Space in Kansas City

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The modern office should be a far cry from the dreary relics of yesteryear. Remote working (and the subsequent rise of hybrid working) has led many business owners back to the drawing board in this regard. 

To make the most out of an office space in a world that thrives on the immediacy of digital transaction and connectivity, creating a work environment that inspires and benefits employees is a must. 


Kansas City is perhaps a superb example of this, as it boasts some exceptionally good-looking, highly modernized office spaces. 

If you happen to be one of the hopeful entrepreneurs that the city has enticed to its borders, here are some top tips to help you develop the kind of office that you, your company, and your employees deserve. 

Contact Local Experts

Big projects often require the help of reliable and experienced teams, and luckily, Kansas City can provide it. 

By making sure you develop a strong infrastructure, you can start getting the most important part of an office right: the basics. This means making sure the interior is up to date and able to provide your employees with the perfect climate at any given time, an important factor in Kansas due to the fairly extreme seasonal changes. 

It is worth checking out a fantastic local construction company like Design Mechanical, Inc, as this can help you take care of any HVAC requirements you might have. 

Often, developing the perfect office means opting for custom solutions, a factor that the experts are well acquainted with. 

Start Painting

For your space to feel unique, it should reflect your company’s aesthetic and message, and for those of you looking to save some money, the good news is that you can do a great deal with a little paint. 

This is a cost-effective way of beautifying your office, while at the same time capturing your brand and adding a personal touch. 

For example, you may want to check out this award-winning Kansas City office that was brought to life by the talents and tenacity of Laura Menninger. 

While neutral colors can be calming at times, they may sap the energy from your space and offer nothing to your employees; so why not throw an entire wall of color in there to spice up your efforts? 

Account for Safety

Unfortunately, Kansas was hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak, and many workers will likely still feel uneasy about returning to the office. 

Accounting for safety is a must if you wish to ensure that your employees feel comfortable when returning to the office. 

This might mean you need to reduce the number of coworking spaces for now, while making sure that people can safely observe social distancing. 

Introducing floor markings and directional signage is a good way to avoid a pileup of footfall and reduce traffic in general, particularly in areas like foyers that may see many people passing through. 

Secure spaces like individual booths can be great for allowing employees privacy or a quick break from the action. 

  • Tip – A great ventilation system might also be exceptionally handy in this area, so do not hesitate to update your infrastructure should you need to. 

Remain Flexible

This may be slightly abstract advice, but remaining flexible in your office design efforts could ensure that you do not accidentally trap yourself into making a bad decision. 

By giving the employees the freedom to choose their own layout in at least some capacity, you do not need to stick too rigidly to a singular plan. 

After all, the end result may not have the desired effect, in which case, some more external input could be necessary. 


Just like on a good outfit, an office accessory can be the crown jewel. Not only can indoor plants, paintings and bookcases make your office look nicer, but they can help to absorb a portion of the sound. 

Offices should be able to support concentration and focus rather than hinder it, and this often means taking steps to reduce distractions like potential noise. 

Embrace the Technological Tidal Wave

Modern offices tend to sport some great technological integrations, such as smart bulbs and even wearable tech. 

Whichever technological pursuit you decide to embark on for your office design efforts, it is worth thinking about your specific needs as a company, and making sure to get some highly dependable Wi-Fi while you are at it. 

Kansas City can be a great place to go to work, particularly if the office is comfortable, clean and well designed.