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How to create a perfect and easy to read college essay


The main mistake that 80% of students make is that the structure of the essay is not formed correctly, and that there is no plan for the future work at the beginning of the assignment. What does it lead to?  The consequences are disastrous: 

  • Chaotic thinking. In this case, it is important to understand what the author wanted to focus on.  
  • A set of cases, which do not work for the benefit of the main thesis. 
  • Wasteful information, which only excites the reader and sucks the general impression.  
  • Interference with the structure of the work. In this case, the conclusions can be in the middle of the text, additional arguments – at the end. 

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In order to avoid such problems by your own, you should always write a creative plan before you proceed to the summary. To come out essay, you should find a non-standard theme, which fascinate the reader, 2-3 uncontroversial arguments and explanations. They have to provoke discussion, create a certain impression. This is the goal of the work. Once you’ve attained it, then you’ve perfected it. When you read the text, think about what you can take away from it without losing its meaning. If there are such structural parts, feel free to throw them away. The text will only gain from this.  

The plan of the essay is better to be made according to this model:

  • The subject of the work. If it’s about a real person, you need to write who this person is, when he or she lived and what he or she is famous for, if it’s about a character – describe his or her role in the story.
  • Characteristics of the subject. In the second part of the story should tell about the appearance and character of a figure, or describe the signs of the object or phenomenon. It is important that you not just listed the features, but also saw characteristics that distinguish the subject of description, tell, how they are manifested and what affects it.
  • Thought about the subject of the work. Here you can tell about the feelings and associations that the subject of the work causes. You can draw parallels with literary works and life’s events.
  • At the beginning of this part you should express your personal attitude toward the subject of the work. If you do not like the hero, character or subject, you have the full right to write about it. The main thing – fully justify your position, that is, explain why you think so.
  • Conclusion. The remaining part of your work must include a short summary of what you have seen.

5 tips for students who write essays:  

1. Make only one point in your writing. If it is similar to the “5 reasons to watch TV” type of essay, the assignment cannot be considered accomplished.  

2. The main thing in the essay is hostility. A person may not agree with your opinion (and it is good), long to discuss, looking for own arguments for the benefit of another position. In order to achieve such an effect, give non-standard facts, do not be afraid to speak openly own thoughts, even if they seem naive.  

3. Don’t chase the length of the text. Two pages – a wonderful text. It is easy to read and you can remember all the details. If the text stretched into 4 or more pages, the reader can easily forget what the story from the beginning.  

4. Do not write for any personal interest. This does not only concern you. A writer who wants to please the reader will always fail. After all, they often receive a boring and tedious piece of writing.  

5. Read the text before submitting it to the teacher for review. This prevents self-repetition and grammatical errors.