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How to Authenticate a Jordan 4 “Black Cat”


The Air Jordan 4 “Black Cat” was released with a Pure Money colorway in 2006. The shoe came out during the SB boom and revival of retro streetwear. The all-black and all-white Air Force 1s were outdated and were not receiving much love. The street goth wave was sweeping the nation in 2009 and A$AP Rocky was known for his all-black attire. This colorway was a big hit and has since spawned countless imitations.

The best way to verify the authenticity of the Jordan 4 Black Cat is to inspect the insoles from both sides. The size tag should have the correct details, and the box label should be correctly labeled. One of the most important ways to legit check Jordan 4s is to check the box label. The tongue label should also have the right information. Using these three methods, you can identify the real deal and avoid wasting your money.


When it comes to legitly checking a pair of Jordan 4 Black Cat, the most straightforward way is to look at the insoles from both sides. You can do this by inspecting the insoles from both sides and the tongue label. Taking note of the insole’s flex grooves is another important step to authenticating a Jordan 4 Black Cat. Always verify the size tag. Moreover, check the box’s label.

A key step in legitimating the Jordan 4 Black Cat is to check the size tag. It should be printed accurately with the correct size and model. A flimsy copy may contain a fake size tag. Make sure the insole is intact and the tongue label is accurate. The box label should be accompanied by the correct information. Finally, it is critical to check the tongue label and the box label.

If you suspect that your Jordan 4 Black Cat is a fake, you should first check the box’s size tag. It should be readable and accurate. The tongue label is another important part of authenticating the shoe. It should contain the correct information. In the insole, inspect the tongue. Ensure that the size tag is printed correctly. You can also check the box’s insole. If it looks good, the insole is likely to be authentic.