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Harley Dean: who is Harley Dean? | Biography, Net Worth, and Tattoos

Harley Dean

Harley Dean is an acclaimed porn star who was born in Columbus, Ohio on June 5, 1993. She is of Cherokee, Filipino, and Hawaiian descent. At the age of 20, Dean entered the adult entertainment industry. She has since worked for several adult companies and has received praise for her performance. Her porn pseudonym, “Harley Dean,” was inspired by Harley Quinn, one of her favorite comic book villains. She has a tattoo across her back in tribute to the character.

The actor was born in Columbus, Ohio on 5 June 1993. Her height is 5 feet 7 inches and her weight is 57 Kg. Her dress and shoe sizes are 4 and 7. Her body measurement is 32C-24-32. According to some sources, Harley Dean’s net worth is around $200K USD. The main source of income is the adult industry, where she does webcams and plays the role of a naughty girl. The actress’ fitness is another factor that contributes to her wealth.


Aside from acting, Harley Dean also has a number of hobbies and interests. She has a tattoo on her back that reads, “I don’t think”. In addition to her acting, she has many other interests as well. Her parents are NA and she was born in Columbus, United States. At the time of her birth, she was attending a university in Columbus. She later pursued her dream of becoming a professional model and actress. Although she has found success in the adult industry, she remained an unemployed college student.

Aside from acting, Harley Dean has multiple hobbies. She has a tattoo on her back that reads, “I don’t think.” Her father and mother are both NA and she was raised in Columbus, Ohio. She has many hobbies, including riding motorcycles and playing basketball. You can learn more about Harley Dean by reading about her family background. The actor was born in Columbus, Ohio, and her parents were both NA. She has a number of different ethnicities and is currently living in Hollywood, California.

In addition to being an actor, Harley Dean has also appeared in several television shows. Her appearances in the media have drawn a lot of attention, with celebrities like Justin Bieber and Rihanna attempting to establish a relationship with the pop star. However, the accusations against Rihanna have remained in the shadows. She has since been banned from a charity event. After all, she has a great body.

Despite the controversy surrounding Rihanna’s relationship with Travis Scott, Harley Dean is an adult celebrity with a hot body and a smooth personality. She has even become a popular online influencer with her daily lifestyle posts. Whether you’re a fan of her videos or not, she is a sexy icon. So, who is Harley Dean? And what do you need to know about this American rapper?

As an actor, Harley Dean has also made headlines with a number of wild allegations regarding Rihanna and Travis Scott. She filmed a conversation with Almighty Jay, the rapper who has recently become a viral sensation. Her infamous claims include saying that Rihanna gave her boss an STD, and that Travis had a ring in her ear. He is an American star with a curvy body and an impressive Instagram account.

The singer was born in Columbus, Ohio, and has a remarkable body. His music is unlike anything else that comes out of mainstream country or Americana. It is both believable and original. The singer’s musical repertoire is vast and his voice is unique. There is no doubt that his music has made him one of the most famous musicians in the world. And his success is a testament to his uniqueness. So, who is Harley Dean?

The singer Harley Dean is a popular country singer. His music has become a huge hit for many people. His popularity has led to several tours and multiple albums. His debut album, “Harley,” was released in January 2018. The musician has a huge musical vocabulary. If you’re wondering who is ‘Harley Dean’, make sure to check out his website. If you’re wondering who is a popular country artist, check out his music.

Harley Dean is an Adult Actress and Social Media celebrity, and in the latest news, Harley Dean spoke to Rapper Almighty Jay that Rihanna offered her boss Chlamydia (Chlamydia is a well-known STD that can affect both females and males). When she appeared in the Interview with rapper Jay she spoke about an unsettling truth about the pop star. Harley states that it happened during the time Rihanna as well as Travis Scott were still in the same relationship. Harley Dean claimed to Rihanna of having an unconfirmed relationship with her boss, who is also known as the Price in Africa but she did not mention the name. Harley Dean started to the rapper Jay “He was at my job and f*king me and offered my boss chlamydia” she added “but everybody thought it was me who was f*king my boss. In all the truth, it was this dumbass. The truth was revealed that she had gotten him sick because the couple was married. He’s an heir to the throne in Africa and he came out in 2013.”

The video Adult Actress said “She hates me because I was working with her just a few years ago, just before she started her “Clara-Lionel” foundation] back in 2015 at her White Gala [Diamond Ball].” Then she added “Right when they were playing around, I’m not sure if it was Travis. I do not exactly who Rihanna was, however, she got dirty and made his dirty and then it turned out to be the whole story.” At present, Rihanna is in a solid connection with rapper A$AP Rocky The singer has made the announcement in May 2021.

Harley Dean – Biography, Net Worth, and Tattoos

The adult industry has been abuzz with the recent release of “There and Back Again” by Harley Dean. The new album features original songs based on experiences that shaped Harley’s life. Whether the songs are about love, heartache, loneliness, or discovery, the lyrics are honest and heart-wrenching. While the songs are not perfect, they are well-written and able to capture the attention of a broad audience.

Born June 5, 1993 in Columbus, Ohio, Harley Dean is of Cherokee, Filipino, and Hawaiian descent. The young woman entered the adult entertainment industry at the age of twenty and has worked for various companies since then. She prefers modern vehicles, and her porn pseudonym is a tribute to her favorite comic book villain, Harley Quinn. In addition to her work in the adult industry, Harley also enjoys tattooing her back and chest.

In addition to her acting career, Harley Dean also owns many different modern vehicles. She enjoys motorcycle riding and has a tattoo across her back. She has a net worth of over 500,000 dollars, which is not bad for a twenty-year-old! Her interest in motorcycles, and cars led her to pursue a career in adult entertainment. Her success as a model and actress has earned her a nice salary, although she may not earn as much as she could from acting.

who Is Harley Dean?

NameHarley Dean
AgeAged 28
DOBJune 5, 1993
Height5 feet 7 inches tall
Net Worth$100k to $200k USD

Harley Dean is an Adult Actress and Social Media persona who hails from Cleveland, Ohio. She began her career in the adult entertainment industry at 20 years old in January of 2014 and was employed for various Adult websites. On Instagram she has thousands of followers. She was a part of the 2019 season when she collaborated for the company Around The Block 2. In her name, she is credited with 38 credits. In addition she also has an onlyfans account that costs $4.99 monthly. She is on Twitter and Harley currently has 130.9k fans and 832 followers. In her professional life she was a part of the singer Rihanna and during a chat in a conversation with Rapper Jay she stated “I was a part of the fundraising team for her gala in Hollywood and was a part of her team just a few years ago prior to her launching her own foundation, “Clara’s Lionel,” in 2015. In 2015, she held the foundation’s White Gala [Diamond Ball].”

What is the age of Harley Dean?

Harley Dean was born on June 5, 1993, and is from Ohio She is now aged 28. But, there’s little information on her parents, father and sister.

How Rich Is Harley Dean?

The estimated net worth for Harley Dean is between $100k to $200k USD.