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Fashion Design Colleges in Mumbai

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Mumbai is not just the financial capital of the country, but may well be called the Fashion Capital of the country. The city offers fashion in myriad forms – from street fashion to the uber glamorous larger-than-life night parties. Be it the quintessential fashion design statements made by the television stars, the hosts of popular reality shows, the airport look of Bollywood celebrities, or the star-studded red carpet – fashion designs and fashion sense of Mumbai influence every home and office.

Fashion designs become popular when they are adopted by the masses or flaunted by niches. So, how do we ensure the fashion designs become so popular that they become fashion statements? Who creates this design magic? Can the magical effect of fashion designs be learned? The answer is a big yes! Fashion colleges in Mumbai offer you the skill, expertise, and know-how to make a mark in the industry. How do you ensure you are evaluating fashion colleges in Mumbai the right way? We have a cheat sheet for you. Have a quick read here.


Comprehensive infrastructure

The college should be passionate about providing some of the finest creative professionals to the industry. The campus should be well equipped to offer practical and pragmatic learnings. The college that has fashion and design studios would be an added advantage.

The brain behind the scenes

A vision of the college and the brains working behind the scenes are very important factors to consider when you decide to choose a fashion design college in Mumbai. It would be relevant if the Campus Director or other senior members of the campus have strong experience with corporates or educational institutions. Their extensive experience would help create unique brand value propositions and help understand business development fundamentals as well, something they can pass on to students from their extensive industry-relevant experience.

Student Services

You would be spending a large part of your time at the campus, which is why it is imperative that students are offered services that propel their minds to academics, and at the same time, give them opportunities to relax and recuperate. It would be ideal if the college supports students through student development and support facilities, along with recreation rooms, medical services, canteen, and stationary services. 

Hostel Accommodation

College should provide a healthy, safe, and conducive environment for the proper functioning of students. Colleges offering fashion design courses in Mumbai should ideally provide a home away from home. Hostel accommodation should include a good mix of self-help amenities and in-room amenities. These could include fully furnished AC rooms with mattresses, geysers in washrooms, and study tables. Besides, it would be good if students had access to laundry, ironing, RO water, doctor on call, and first-aid medical facilities. Security guards and CCTV cameras would give greater confidence vis-à-vis security. Wifi, electricity, good meals, housekeeping, and entertainment would be essential to focus better on studies.

Take away the choice of college plays an important role in cementing your academic and practical knowledge, ensuring industry readiness. Make sure you choose one that is in the heartland of fashion and is a reputable college backed by industry veterans. Be where fashion is and choose a fashion design college in Mumbai that adds value to your inherent passion, fuelling your growth and success.