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Destiny 2 New Evidence May Reveal End Of Season Event Ahead Of ‘Beyond Light’

Destiny 2
Destiny 2

(Early Newspaper) Breaking News – The pieces are beginning to meet up for the last long periods of Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals, as new proof, both public and private, is rising that appears as though it’s illustrating what’s to come.

On the off chance that you need to keep away from any potential spoilers, stay away now, yet realize that nothing is affirmed, and this is me simply endeavoring to bits together with the riddle with no evident inside data.


Thus, yesterday a serious deal was made out of another token for Destiny 2 that was removed from the PlayStation Store by r/raidsecrets.

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Destiny 2 New Evidence May Reveal End Of Season Event Ahead Of ‘Beyond Light’

The high-res craftsmanship, seen above, appears to show an amended Traveler and a fixed Destiny 2 Tower, making individuals accept those might be plot improvements in front of or during the coming season. I wasn’t so certain until it was brought up to me that this isn’t the first occasion when we’ve seen a recuperated Traveler (which has been broken since the finish of the Red War crusade after Ghaul’s tricks), “in general” Traveler is likewise present in the Bungie-shared Beyond Light chief:

We should Talk About Periods And Break The Stigma.

Furthermore, truly, for correlation the Traveler shows up as broken in the current Destiny 2 chief:

As this was going on, information digger Parisito ringed in posting three distinct words, and not explaining what they implied, which means they are most likely things they’ve found in the information in the backend:

These could be expected new areas, ie. something in the “fixed” Tower, however Traveler’s Grace certain seems like a mission or function name to me.

On the head of this, a long time before this we definitely thought about a “Disaster Protocol” image in the backend that will be obtained for “seeing the finish of season 11 function.”

The entirety of this indicates a focal theory I have, that at any rate, we are getting a season-finishing function in the style of the Almighty (however ideally one that is quicker moving) in which we may see the Traveler recuperate itself, preparing for contention in front of the forthcoming Pyramid intrusion.

Concerning a re-visitation of the Destiny 2 Tower? That I’m less clear about. All we need to go on is that focal bit of craftsmanship, and I would not expect something that large as a feature of the finish of season function. Be that as it may, possibly as improvement in Beyond Light itself? It’s conceivable. The current Tower is beginning to discharge out. The Annex is everything except totally dead with Ada-1 and Benedict leaving, and the Drifter is presumably going to be on Europa now. The shed has had nothing of significance other than Saint the last two seasons (sorry Amanda), so sure, perhaps it’s the ideal opportunity for another (old) space, and three years seems like sufficient opportunity to fix the old Tower. On the head of all that, all the old missions which rotate around the crushed Tower, to be specific the Red War mission and Zero Hour, are presently being taken out from the games. Yet, I have not seen enough proof that demonstrates to me that we are certainly heading back there.

The chief alone is sufficient to persuade me that the Traveler will be mended soon. Whether that is in a real sense the finish of season function, I don’t know, but rather it appears to be likely, given that it’s something everybody could be viewing unfurl from the Tower, much the same as the Almighty. Stay tuned for more data.