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Best Medical Billing Software Comparison: DrChrono Vs NextGen EMR


The electronic medical record (EHR), practice administration, and billing system DrChrono EMR can be used by all medical practices. Both patients and clinicians will find the Software application programming interface (API), intuitive and easy to use. DrChrono as well as the medical billing platform are compatible with both iPhones or iPads. The platform allows users to manage patient intake, billing, revenue cycle management, and clinical charting.

NextGen Healthcare software helps ambulatory clinics streamline many procedures including patient management, financial management, and clinical treatment. It provides useful features like electronic health records (EHR), financial services, interoperability and mobile solutions.


If you’re willing to make an investment in either one of these software, stay on board. This review will provide information on pricing, features, as well as reviews.

DrChrono EMR

DrChrono EHR was designed to make communication easier between patients and their healthcare providers. It can send reminders or text messages via phone and has an app that allows mobile users to access their records. Patients can contact their doctor directly for appointments and other information. DrChrono’s EMR allows encrypted communication and compliance with HIPAA regulations. DrChrono has a billing module as well as a revenue cycle management module. After your chart is completed, Apollo Plus will automatically bill. DrChrono allows physicians to quickly see prescriptions and order labs faster than traditional paper-based systems.

DrChrono EMR Key Features


EHR platforms can be integrated with video consultations and patient scheduling. Tele visits can be requested by patients by following a link given by their doctors. Patients can sign and electronically return consent forms that you can send to them.


A doctor can directly send a prescription order from one pharmacist to another, even for prohibited medication. These prescription orders can be one- or multi-part. They can also run an automated check to ensure there aren’t drug interactions before sending out prescriptions.

Medical billing

You can manage your finances by verifying the patient’s insurance coverage at the point of care. This will enable you to charge patients directly and cut down on the time it takes to enter data. Pre-populated billing codes allow you to quickly bill customers accurately and save time.

DrChrono EMR Pricing

The website doesn’t include pricing information because it is not provided directly by the software company. If you need a quote, contact the vendor directly. You can get a free trial.

DrChrono EMR Demo

Request a demo to learn more about the software’s capabilities and features.

DrChrono EHR Reviews

Customers love DrChrono’s many features, especially since they can access them through the iPad app. To simplify billing and other tasks, you can integrate third-party service providers. It can be challenging and takes some time to get used to the steep learning curve. Customers have spoken out about the importance of receiving infrequent updates, unexpected downtimes and limited customer support.

NextGen EMR

NextGen EMR supports ambulatory healthcare through elements such as EHR, dedicated account management, and clinical features that can simplify. This feature facilitates the flow of data between people, such as patients and their medical records. This feature can be used by clinics to increase patient engagement. Patients are encouraged to buy the same services again if the clinic is needed.

NextGen EMR Key features

Keep an eye

By changing the formulary parameters, you can personalize your medication information. You can modify formulary parameters to organize your medication view. There are many templates. These templates allow providers and doctors to easily organize their medical records.


This allows for the sharing of medical data from different locations. This will allow you to provide better healthcare. Access to sensitive data is possible to enhance the effectiveness and quality of therapy.

Workflow Screen

NextGen EHR’s workflow panel provides an overview of clinical appointments, duties, and the appointment queue. It is a useful tool. These capabilities allow clinics to offer value-based healthcare faster. You can assign, modify and reassign clinical tasks. This section includes information about patients, including allergies and drugs. Users can access these links by selecting a patient/activity.

NextGen EMR Pricing

NextGen does not disclose pricing information online as it offers custom plans to its customers. For a customized quote, contact the vendor.

NextGen EHR Demo

Demos are always a good idea if you’re thinking of investing. It is always better to try the software before spending your hard-earned cash. NextGen makes it easy to schedule a demo anytime.

NextGen EMR Reviews

It was functionally agreed upon by all reviewers. The software offers practice management and EMR capabilities, according to all reviewers. It is easy to customize, browse, learn, and use. Customers who have reviewed customer service reported that it is difficult to get customer assistance and sometimes can be slow. 66% of those customers also felt this way.

Our Thoughts

This review will cover the demo, pricing, features, as well as demo. This review will help users make informed decisions based on their needs.