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Best Advice About Italian Citizenship By Descent


Italy is among the popular immigration destinations for Americans, and countless people pursue the dream of citizenship. The probable reason is that they can trace their roots back to the country. It makes them eligible for citizenship by descent, an easy route to reach this incredible country. But not everyone can qualify for the route. Even if you do, the journey may not be easy. However, you can get things in your favor by following expert advice. Luckily, a great article was written by Bersani Law Firm to show the way. Let us share some helpful advice that can get you a step closer to Italian citizenship by descent.

Stay ahead of the eligibility norms


The descent route follows the principle of Jure Sanguinis, but you cannot rely on ancestry to get in. Some more terms and conditions apply to be eligible for citizenship by descent. A paternal line gets you in a better place to obtain a second passport from Italy. But your ascendant should have been alive and an Italian citizen after the country’s unification in 1861. Also, they shouldn’t have been naturalized elsewhere before giving birth to the next person in line. You may be an exception when you have a maternal bloodline. 

Do not overlook the exceptions

A maternal bloodline in Italy may land you in the category of exceptions to citizenship by descent. Females were not allowed to pass on the right to citizenship to the next generations before 1948. It means you will not qualify for the Jure Sanguinis if your female relative had her child before this year. But you can still apply through a judicial process under the 1948 Rule. 

Gather your documents on time

Another piece of advice that is crucial to the outcome of your claim is documentation. Your case hinges on the documentary evidence that validates your ancestral roots in the country. You need to gather the certificates of birth, death, and marriage from your ancestor’s local comune. Further, document requirements include their naturalization proof and your ID proof. These have to be translated and legalized to be valid for the process. You need to have all the paperwork in place before going ahead. 

Seek expert assistance

If you want to maximize your chances to obtain citizenship by descent, having an expert professional guiding you helps. They know the immigration law thoroughly. Further, they make sure that your documents have no errors and omissions. Collaborating with them gives you an easy way to procure your ancestral documents for Italy as they have good local connections. Not to mention, having an expert on your side makes you confident.

Practice patience as you wait 

Do not miss out on patience because the process can take several years, despite being one of the easiest routes. The most daunting part is waiting for your turn for an appointment with your local consulate. It may take a few months or even a year. The timelines depend on the number of applications already in line. The good thing is that you have fair chances once you get the appointment and have complete documents.

Italian citizenship by descent is a boon for people eligible for the route. But you must have experts showing the way as they can cut the delay and hassles in the process.