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Advantages Of Playing Online Vs. Land-Based Casinos

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A recent study shows that over 80% of Americans have visited a brick-and-mortar casino at least once in their life. Hard-core gamblers across the globe are mesmerized by the atmosphere of mysterious wealth that these establishments have.

On the other hand, young people tend to gamble mainly through their mobile phones and desktop computers. Not surprisingly, most of them have never set foot in a land-based casino. They play every day from wherever they can find a stable wi-fi.


 Advantages of Playing Online

The advantages of playing online are numerous. As online casinos become more and more sophisticated, their number will undoubtedly grow further in the immediate future.

Play from Everywhere 

Tech-savvy youngsters are drawn to the freedom that online casinos provide. They can make a few spins of the virtual roulette while riding the metro to work or try their luck against other players at the poker table.

The place can vary widely: a sports bar, shuttle bus, or a bench in the park. These short but intense gambling sessions give them the adrenaline and dopamine rush they need to start their day with a smile. 

Generous Welcome Bonuses

However hard they may try, land-based casinos simply can’t beat their online rivals regarding welcome bonuses.

The reason for this fact is simple: real money online casinos are cheaper to maintain than physical gambling locations. The form of the welcome bonuses may vary from a certain number of free spins to ones matching deposits of over $10,000.

 Astounding Variety of Online Casino Games

Brick-and-mortar casinos need a lot of space and staff to expand their portfolios. For example, WinStar World Casino spans over 370,000 square feet and has got over 200 employees.

By contrast, online casinos can offer an unlimited number of slot games on their website with only a handful of employees to keep the servers up and running.

Online Casinos Are Never Full

The biggest online casino sites can handle traffic from all over the world generated by millions of gamblers playing hundreds of different games simultaneously. 

No land-based casino is capable of accommodating more than a thousand or two thousand players at the same time. 

Even before the pandemic, top casinos in Hong Kong, Macao, and Las Vegas never used their full capacity. A land-based casino must maintain an exquisite atmosphere at all times and never make compromises with its guests’ comfort.

Online Casinos Accept All Payments

While traditional casinos accept cash, bank cards, and checks as means of payment, more and more online casinos accept deposits made in cryptocurrencies.

Online gamblers who want to remain anonymous charge their casino accounts with a suitable cryptocurrency without disclosing their bank account to the site’s admins. Similarly, if their crypto bets win, their gains are instantly transferred to their e-wallets.

Online Casinos Offer More Control

Almost all online casinos have the option of limiting one’s playing time in a particular virtual lounge. Thus, players can rest assured they will never get carried away and run into financial troubles.

Land-based casinos seem to encourage one’s gambling. There are even loan sharks circling the playing areas and offering loans to desperate players to keep them at the roulette table for a few more spins.

Why Are There Still Land-based Casinos?

The above sections highlighted the numerous advantages that online casinos have over their physical counterparts. So, one can ask themselves why the latter still exists. 

For the same reason as old wooden or cardboard chessboards still do. Millions of kids learn the rules of chess on the Internet every day. Yet, important national and international tournaments, where actual Elo points are distributed and titles are earned, take place over physical boards.

Just so, whale gamblers and poker legends will always prefer to meet at physical blackjack or poker tables and feel the cards in their hands. 

Disadvantages of Online Casinos

It seems the most significant limitation of casino sites is that they are entirely dependent on electric supply and a stable internet connection. If either of these is interrupted, one’s winning streak is ruined, and with it – the sheer pleasure of the game.