Home Financial Glossary ABA routing number – definition and meaning

ABA routing number – definition and meaning

ABA routing number
ABA routing number

The ABA routing number is an exceptional code that exists on a watch that the ABA (American Bankers Association) appoints. The ABA number distinguishes the monetary foundation that gave the check.

Banks and other money-related establishments situated in the USA that own records at the Federal Reserve Bank – the nation’s national bank – utilize the 9-digit-code ABA routing number. They use it to deal with check exchanges, including freedom and stores.


Set forth plainly, the nine-digit code distinguishes banks in the US. This enables different banks and monetary organizations to move cash to and from a client’s record for exchanges like programmed charge installments or direct stores.

ABA routing number
ABA routing number

According to UC San Diego: “The ABA number is an extraordinary, 9 digits recognizing travel number allotted to each bank.” (Image: adjusted from Bank of America Corporation site)

What is my ABA routing number?

How would I know what my ABA routing number is? There are a few different ways we can get this data. The most straightforward and quickest is by taking a gander at the lower part of your checkbook (US Spelling: Checkbook. English Spelling: Checkbook), in the base left-hand corner.

As a result In some PC-produced checks, the nine-digit number may show up somewhere else on the record. The ABA routing number is additionally the base left-hand corner of your store slips.

Besides, you can likewise contact your bank and ask them which ABA number to utilize But Most monetary organizations give this information on the web. You may need to sign in.

As a result to the number on the web, thebalance.com composes:

“Quest your bank’s site for direct store shapes or Automated Clearing House (ACH) data.”

The nine-digits of the ABA routing number contain significant data for the money related foundation. They encourage effective exchanges. (Information Source: bankroutingnumber.us)

Once in a while there are numerous ABA numbers

A bank may have numerous ABA numbers. Subsequently, it is imperative to ensure you utilize the ABA routing that is explicit to your record. This is the one in your checkbook, store slip, As the number they give you on the off chance that you contact the bank.

Over the recent many years, there have been a few consolidations and acquisitions. At whatever point banks combine, the new substance winds up with various codes.

As In the event that you don’t know what your ABA routing number is, you should check with your bank, as a sanity check. The number you use for requesting checks probably won’t be the correct one for programmed charge installments or wire moves.

Routing number arrangement

The ABA routing number comprises of nine digits:

Digits 1 and 2 demonstrate the kind of money related organization.

3 and 4 demonstrate the Federal Reserve Bank locale branch.

5, 6, 7 and 8 disclose to us the name of the budgetary foundation where the financial records is held.

9 demonstrates the single check digit.

Individuals utilize the SWIFT code, otherwise called the BIC code, which contains from 8 to 11 characters, for worldwide wire moves.

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