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‘A week of two halves’: UK could be basking in 21C sunshine after washout weekend


Warmer weather is on the way, with potential highs of 21C (70F), after a weekend of high winds and heavy rain, the Met Office has said.

The autumnal weather is set to continue over the next two days before the mercury starts to rise from Wednesday.


Monday will see scattered heavy showers, with between 10mm and 20mm of rainfall expected across southwest England and South Wales and temperatures at around 16-17C (60F-63F).

Tuesday is expected to be the worst day of the week, with strong gales and heavy downpours of up to 40mm in southwest England and temperatures dropping to 14C (57F) – three degrees lower than the average for October.

Met Office meteorologist Tom Morgan said: “It’s almost a week of two halves, the week begins much like the weekend was.

“It is quite unsettled and changeable, there will be some heavy showers around on Monday, but it won’t be feeling quite as cool as it did in many places this weekend.

“It’s all back downhill again by Tuesday, as quite a deep Atlantic area of low pressure arrives from the southwest, so although we haven’t got any weather warnings in force for Tuesday yet, it is probably the most likely day this week that we will see some severe weather.”

However, from Wednesday onwards it will remain dry and there will be sunny spells, with the potential to reach 21C (70F) in some places on Thursday and Friday, and widespread highs of 18C (64F) across the UK for the rest of the week and into the weekend.

Mr Morgan said: “We will see some stubborn areas of low clouds and mist and fog, lasting through the mornings, but most places will see dry weather with some sunshine at times, and temperatures will start to rise.”

Despite the higher temperatures, there is potential for some local hazardous weather from thick fog and poor visibility overnight as well as frost, brought in by high pressure conditions, Mr Morgan added.

‘A week of two halves’: UK could be basking in 21C sunshine after washout weekend – Sky News