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A Guide to Hidden Costs of Cable TV


When it comes to paying bills, there are different charges included in the bills, and the Cable TV bill is no exception to that. If one wishes to reduce their expenses and save money, some charges you can cut from their billing list. This applies to all major cable TV providers. However, Medicom Cable comes at a highly affordable price, giving you everything that you would need from a reputable service and there are no hidden costs, while various bundling options should let you decide to add multiple services to your existing plan, getting that variety in.

Do you want to explore the extra charges incurred in your Cable TV bill and which ones you can cut to reduce monthly overheads? This article will provide insights into your questions.


Initiating Charges and Installation Fees 

Initiating fees are the charges incurred when you enable your internet. This fee appears only once and at the start of setting up a connection. 

Installation fees are the charges given to professional helpers that help you in the technical process. This includes lining up cables and wires and setting up devices. 

Charges of a TV Box

Everything comes with a price. We enjoy the most superior quality of audio and high-definition videos today. There was a time when a simple plug into your television was enough but as the demands of the time increased, a device was to be made to satisfy the needs. Thus, HD Boxes were set in motion and DVR came. These devices provide us with convenience but with a price.

You don’t own a device

One doesn’t own a DVR or HD box, or simply put, a router, but rather it is rented by a local internet service provider. Any cable or internet cannot work without the presence of a modem. Since one rents it, you have to pay for it too. Check your bills and you will get to know the amount you pay for each device you rent. 

Better yet, purchase a device

Would you pay a reasonable amount at the start and buy your device, or rent one and pay its monthly charges? This is your option.

If you are looking for options to invest in the start and save your money at the end, purchasing your device would be the best fit. Firstly, discuss with your internet service provider and know the device that works with their system so you don’t end up getting the wrong one. Secondly, buy the device according to your suitability. Devices can be bought online through different platforms for a reasonable amount of dollars.

Modem Charges

One advantage of the internet service with TV, one should have a modem or a router. Either your internet service provider will make you use two devices or there are options where a modem and router can be both used as a composite device.

Renting a modem?

This single device might be costing you a bunch of dollars every month as you might be renting this from your ISP. The better the quality of a modem, the higher rent will be paid for it. Routers and modems are essential for internet connectivity, and since you are renting them, you must be paying for them in your monthly bill too. 

Purchasing a modem?

Yet again, the option is yours. Either you pay an upfront amount at the start and avail of the service without any monthly bugging, or rent it from your cable provider and pay for it every month. Renting is always an option in the ISP’s book, but if you are affordable enough to buy a modem, then do. Once you check the compatibility of your modem, buy it and save up your monthly expenditure. The higher the quality of the modem, the higher the price you would have to pay for its purchase.


On-Demand rentals contribute to the rise of your cable TV bills. On-demand rentals are an additional service that you ask and get charged for. If one wishes to stream TV shows and get access to content, subscribe to high-speed internet service and enjoy.


The chances are, you must be piling up on your bills. All of us get caught in daily matters and a bunch of indecisive situations like paying next month or getting a new device. Some are puzzled by their financial shortage, and some are procrastinating in paying their bills. Getting rid of these situations and paying bills on time will save you from overage fees that accumulate and expands our expenses. 

This article covered all the charges and now you have to decide which charges you are going to cut off to save up.