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7 Tips to Buy the Right High School Laptops

7 Tips to Buy the Right High School Laptops

When looking for a durable high school laptop, take your high schooler’s needs into consideration along with your budget. You need to make sure you pick a reliable one with a long battery life. But it also needs to be compact so it can be carried in a backpack. Most of all, you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket when you go high school computer shopping. So, how do you decide which one to buy? Let’s take a look at seven tips for school laptop shopping.

Make Portability a Priority

Above all, high school students need to be able to move quickly and easily between classes, and commute without feeling tired. A 13-14 inch screen is ideal. You can also look for 15-17 inch screens that are not heavy. This range of high school laptops ensures the perfect mix of portability and functionality. These reliable laptops pack a punch in the right size, with features that include lightness and processing speed.


Get a Sturdy Laptop

High schoolers are not known for a gentle touch. You can expect a bit of a rough and tumble approach with the backpack — bags often not placed very gently, jostling in the corridors, and laptops being placed on rough surfaces that could scratch the exteriors. By buying a reputed, durable and sturdy notebook, you can ensure a far longer life of the device. 

Look for Longer Battery Life

Teenagers spend a lot of time in class and at home working on their machines. High schools also don’t always have convenient and easily available charging points. A long battery life can ensure convenience and faster home work and class work. Some school notebooks also offer a rapid charging feature that ensures the device charges for class.  

Look for Adequate Storage

A high schooler’s laptop can get filled up quickly if there isn’t enough storage. 128GB is a good starting point, while 256GB can make sure the student does not need to keep deleting files to open up space in the computer.

Consider Specific Needs and Hobbies  

Some students might need a touchscreen with a stylus pen to be able to do tasks like visual modeling, drawing etc. Discuss with your high schooler what their important, specific needs might be and choose accordingly. 

Buy Peripherals for Greater Comfort

Accessories such as a wired or wireless keyboard, mouse and larger monitor can help with better ergonomics and comfort. Look for the ones compatible with the school laptop.

Buy from the Manufacturer or Trusted Retailer

To make sure you get the brand new laptop you ordered, make sure you buy either from the manufacturer’s website, or through a trusted retailer.

Shopping for a high school laptop does not have to be daunting and stressful. Use the above tips as a starting point, and buy a laptop that fits your budget and your high schooler’s needs. Look for reviews, and go through the listed specifications of the laptop carefully so are you not surprised later. With the right research, you’ll have made a sound buying decision.