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6 Tips For A Safer Workplace

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A safe workplace is a happy one. Employees that feel confident in their environment enjoy greater peace of mind, higher rates of productivity, and increased job satisfaction. Ensuring safety is the number one priority of an employer, and building a secure workplace is easier than you might imagine.

#1 Run regular drills


Drills are the best way to ensure that your employees know what to do in a crisis. Most businesses will have some form of a fire safety plan that’s relayed either verbally or displayed on a wall, but that isn’t enough. Walking employees through a fire escape plan, including where all the emergency exits are located, ensures that everybody knows what to do.

#2 Check and repair equipment

Fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire hydrants are important, but they’re completely useless if they aren’t checked regularly. Equipment that fails at the moment when it’s needed the most can lead to dire results. Smoke alarms are easy to check, but you should pay special attention to fire hydrants. These can wear, break, or even leak over time, at which point reliable fire hydrant repair services in Los Angeles will be able to help. The routine maintenance of safety equipment is paramount and can save lives.

#3 Offer first aid training

Having a trained first aider on site is hugely advantageous and can make a big difference in the event of an emergency. It’s easier than ever to give someone first aid training, and you can usually hire an external professional to get the job done. Be sure to let the rest of the workforce know who the trained first aider is so that they can be sought out when required.

#4 Be mindful of trips and slips

These are one of the main causes of office injury. Walkthrough the workplace and identify areas where workers might encounter difficulties. That could be on a flight of stairs, or it might be on a particularly sleek area of flooring. There are quite a few ways that you can decrease the incidence of trips. Installing carpets or anti-slip mats can make a big difference, but even simple measures like highlighting the edges of steps helps.

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#5 Risk assess

Risk assessments have a formidable reputation, but they’re quite simple to conduct. A risk assessment simply means looking through the workplace and identifying areas where injury could occur. This gives you a chance to intervene before problems happen and make changes. While you can conduct a risk assessment yourself, it’s best to bring in a third party. A fresh pair of eyes will likely identify threats that you’ve missed. 

#6 Prioritize mental health
Workplace threats aren’t purely physical. A stressed workforce might develop mental health problems, including anxiety and depression. These can be harder to identify, so try to foster an environment where employees feel comfortable to talk about any problems. On a more practical level, flexi-time, ample holiday time, and sick pay all have tangible effects on mental health.