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6 paid hobbies for a student of any specialty

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Being a student is not a sentence, whether it’s a financial issue or not. We tell you how to work part-time after the school day.



Most students entered this profession because they love children and know a particular subject well. If this is your case, you can continue the day with a part-time job as a tutor. Individual tutoring is beneficial to every student: the weak student can help to raise his knowledge to the level of his classmates and prepare for exams, while the strong student can reach a competitive level or satisfy his desire for knowledge.

Study Help

Those who are good at a particular subject and also manage to do their homework on time can try to become academic paper writers. The profession is in high demand because of the large number of students who often wonder who can write my essay for me so I can get a good grade.  Helping with homework, tests, essays, or term papers of a school or college student, you can devote more time to the research process, which students often lack at university. And also this way of part-time work suits introverts who do not like to communicate with strangers and make close contact.

Creating a course

Truly passionate students will love the idea of designing an online course. Choose the section that causes difficulties most often, prepare equipment, and explain the topic in simple and accessible language.

You don’t have to buy expensive equipment: a microphone, an amateur camera, and a computer is enough to get you started. If you usually use a blackboard to explain a topic, replace it with the “screen demonstration” function.


This activity is similar to the previous one. An educational blog usually consists of short videos or text notes that are rarely linked together. The social networking sites where science is best are Youtube and Instagram, but you have to work hard to get your audience interested. Explain the material in simple language, make jokes, and choose relevant topics.

If you have a bright and busy life, and many interesting and unusual hobbies, start a lifestyle blog. Show your followers that you are a versatile person.


Remember how often you often made mistakes yourself when doing homework, and then used the Internet to find the right solution or a hint in solving assignments. You can’t take the Internet out of students’ lives, but you can contribute to its development. Becoming an author who is responsible for selecting information and explaining the material, revealing certain topics, you will make life easier not only for yourself but also for your colleagues. You can earn extra money on special exchanges, where you can post information about your working conditions, accept orders for a price that you set, as well as communicate with the customer.


The hobbies listed above are related to the possible interests of the student. But if you have enough academic work at university, you can always afford a full break from studying and doing creative work. Drawing, scrapbooking, making jewelry, and sewing will distract from the daily school routine. Finished products can be sold on sites with ads or craft fairs, in addition, we advise you to actively develop their social networks and talk about your products, workflow, and life. In this case, for sure the number of buyers of your products will increase by several times.

When you get a hand and sharpen your technique, give a master class or open a club at school. Perhaps learning your art will want to learn not only students but also their parents.

We hope that our article helped you choose a hobby, which will have to like and become a source of additional income.