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5 Simple Ways to Keep Oral Hygiene

5 Simple Ways to Keep Oral Hygiene

Teeth play a significant role in one’s life. They enable you to chew food and digest it. Furthermore, teeth are the beauty of one’s face which determines how you look. Thus, it becomes one’s duty to focus on oral hygiene. If oral health is not taken care of, there could be various oral illnesses that could take place. For example, ECC (Early childhood caries) is a type of tooth decay that damages young children’s teeth. 

In addition, research has revealed that ECC is a severe problem prevalent in Manitoba. This research also revealed that among the four communities of Manitoba selected for the study, 43% of the respondents who suffered from ECC were from Winnipeg. 


ECC is just one oral disease, there are many others prevalent in the region, so if you are suffering from any such illness, you should consider consulting with a professional in orthodontics winnipeg for treatment.

But as the saying goes “precaution is better than cure,” it is better that you take steps for oral hygiene to prevent any such tooth illness. Below are a few points o maintain your oral hygiene:

5 Simples ways to Maintain Your Oral Health

  1. 2×2 Brushing Rule

Regular oral care is the first step toward keeping your teeth and mouth healthy. Following the 2×2 brushing rule that is brushing twice a day and for two minutes each time will help you keep plaque under control. You must use a toothbrush with soft bristles to prevent gum issues and teeth scraping. It is a good idea if you brush your teeth and wash your tongue simultaneously. This will help in the removal of microorganisms that have accumulated on your tongue.

  1. Regular Dental Checkup

If you visit your dentist regularly, they will be able to tell you about the oral problems rising in your mouth. In addition, regular dental checkups are necessary to enhance oral health, reducing your chances of having major long-term issues and expenses. For example, fluoridation therapy reduces the rate of dental caries, especially in high-risk groups. Research has also shown that preventive fluoride varnish programs by orthodontics in Winnipeg with the daily dental checkup and regular oral care saved approximately $822.98 per child in the city compared to those who ignored these steps. 

  1. Choose a Healthy Diet

Including meals high in calcium and avoiding unhealthy foods like junk food, sports drinks, and candies promotes strong and healthy teeth. Milk is always preferable for oral hygiene as it has a significant amount of calcium and phosphates. Fiber-rich meals are excellent for keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

  1. Remain Hydrated During the Day

Not only is adequate hydration beneficial to your general health, but it also helps maintain a healthy saliva flow. Saliva helps maintain dental health by moving food particles across your mouth, stopping most of them from being lodged in your teeth, which can give rise to germs. It also helps in maintaining a pleasant and moist mouth.

  1. Flossing Properly

Brushing your teeth is vital for maintaining excellent dental health, but it does not guarantee the removal of all food particles. Flossing is vital in this case because it removes all of the microscopic bits of food from the teeth. Because brushing alone cannot cover all areas of your mouth, flossing and rigorous gargling with clean water are essential. It clears the mouth of all little food particles.

These methods do not need much work; simply following them may be beneficial for good oral health. However, it is crucial to maintain good oral health to enjoy meals. Therefore, you should take care of these tiny details to improve your oral health, and don’t forget to visit the dentist regularly.